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  • WELCOME TO MATH and a FANTASTIC school year!


    • A Pen or mechanical pencil (No pencils - I don't keep a sharpener in class, it's too distracting.)
    • A 3-ring binder with a MATH section and some lined paper (can be combined with other classes)IF YOU ARE ABSENT check Powerschool to see what we did.
     Homework can be printed from Powerschool,
    • Or you can get a copy from the filing cabinet in our classroom,
    • Or in the top right corner of this page is the "PRINTABLE ASSIGNMENTS" button. 
    • ABSENT WORK will be accepted at full credit within a week of the absence.  After that it will follow the late work policy.

    WHAT IF YOU NEED EXTRA HELP?  It is important to ask questions during the lesson.  I am also available for help during Power-Up.

    LATE ASSIGNMENTS will be accepted at a 10% deduction per week they are late.

    Powerschool is updated by 6:00 each night.  If you turned something in and it's not showing on your grade, check the No Name File.