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    Mission Statement




    We will take ownership of our education. By becoming active participants in our academic and extracurricular pursuits and accepting the responsibility for our choices and the outcomes, we will choose our experience and ultimately create our destiny.



    We will come to recognize that a positive attitude will become a catalyst for change that will turn into powerful words, healthy behaviors, enriching habits, and strong values that will eventually shape the course of our lives.



    We will forge connections with our peers, teachers, school, and community with the understanding that more can be accomplished together than can ever be accomplished alone. Working together magnifies us in the present and empowers us for a lifetime.



    We will pursue knowledge in a variety of disciplines with the purpose of discovery and self-improvement in order to function effectively in our chosen career paths and as local and global citizens.


    “The strength of the pack is the wolf,

    and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”