Mission Statement

Motto and Mission Statement

Lewiston Leopards are Safe, Kind, and Responsible

Lewiston Mission Statement

The overall mission of Lewiston Elementary School is to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve their potential and to be successful in all aspects of life.  Accordingly, we will assist each individual in their personal and social development using the following themes as guidelines:

  • Self-esteem.  We will strive to ensure that all students will be empowered with a positive self-image along with the self-actualization skills necessary to be successful in life.
  • Problem Solving.  As with all elementary schools, we are  primarily concerned with teaching the basic skills: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  We also believe that even the youngest student can and should be taught to use their skills in these areas to think independently, solve real-life problems, and to foresee the consequences of the decisions they make.
  • Social Skills.  The students will be taught to respect the rights of others; including those of various racial, religious, or cultural backgrounds.  They will be taught to interact cooperatively to achieve common goals.
  • Physical Skills.  We will provide a variety of physical activities that will encourage each individual to reach his/her highest potential for well-being.
  • Appreciation for the Humanities.  We will strive to provide exposure to the humanities: i.e., music, art, drama, literature, and dance.
  • Values.  We will provide a positive ethical environment, exemplifying and teaching such moral values as honesty, respect, cooperation, and industry.