Cache High Mission Statement
  • Cache High Mission Statement 


    Accountability - This is the heart of everything our students to do NOW and into the future.  We are accountable for our actions, behavior, and learning so we can shape our destiny.  Student growth and lifelong learning happens when we are accountable. 


    Character - We focus on how we treat others, our world, who we choose to become, taking an active role in our community (voting), good citizenship, honesty, kindness, and being a good role model for future generations.  People of good character care about their safety and the safety of others.


    Engagement - We teach students to be present in the here and now; setting aside fantasy, gaming, and focusing on what is right before us.  Fully engaged students means taking ownership, helping others, showing effort, and maintaining employemnt.  We demonstrate that we are people of action who work until it is finished.  


    ACE - the acronym speaks to our focus on (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and understanding the importance of trauma informed care.  Our population tends to have high ACE scores.