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    Welcome to Mrs. Weston's Web site.

    I love this quote from Jamie Oliver.

    "Kids are our future, and if we don't take care of them and teach them about food and how to feed themselves, then we are shortening their lives. Get your kids to help you in the kitchen. Food skills are life skills, just as important as reading and math. Cooking also builds confidence and a sense of responsibility."

    Jamie Oliver

    Chef, restaurateur and activist.

    As quoted in Everyday Food, September 2012

    Foods and Nutrition 1 due dates:

    May 15: Performance Objectives are due.

    May 20: State Certificate Test

    May 27: Last day FCCLA at the table will be accepted. Please don't wait this long!!!

    Check the blog before you return from an absence.

    You will know what your missed and what you need to do as you come to class.

    Remember, when you are absent, to make a comment. Just type in your name. I will give you two points on your current score sheet. I will not publish your comment. No worries.

    Check out the recipe blog. I have tried to include the recipes we use in class and some of my personal favorites. Sorry you have to scroll through all the recipes. If there is a recipe you would like posted here let me know.

    Also look at the child care blog.

    FCCLA meals http://www.fcclainc.org/content/fccla-at-the-table/  and you can pledge as many meals as you want.   

    My e-mail address: sharon.weston@ccsdut.org. Send your photos here


    My policy on absent work:  If the blog says I must see you do you own work, that is what it means. Before and after school or during study hall would be good times to come in and work.

    My policy on late work: I will accept late work, usually for full points, if the day the class did that assignment is on my blog. 

    Students will need to bring the late work to me at a time I am not busy with the class. Before and after school is usually a good time. During class, as the students work can be a good time. Study hall can be a good time.




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