FLEX Information

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    Flex class dates:
    2022 - 2023 school year
    All students will be assigned a flex class this year.
    1st session (first trimester)

    Class runs: August 18 - November 13

    2nd session (2nd trimester)

    Classes run: November 14 - February 20

    3rd session (3rd trimester)

    Class runs: February 21 - May 26

    What is Flex?

    Flex is a class period between 1st and 2nd periods. It is designed for the purpose of remediation. Everyone is registered for a flex class.

    Using a flex pass, students may use this class to make-up tests or get help in any of their classes. They can use this time to do homework, or classwork. We also offer enrichment classes, classes for High school credit and classes for college credit. Something for everyone!

    What happens if I fail flex?
    If you fail a flex class, you lose the privilege of walking across the stage at graduation. You will, however, have the opportunity to make up this fail. If you complete the requirements, the privilege of walking across the stage at graduation is restored. Students who fail flex will be notified by one of our Administrators.

    How do I register for flex?
    We won't be having registration for flex this year. Students will be placed in a class. You can still use flex passes to get help from another teacher if needed.
    More questions?
    If you have questions about flex, Please contact 
    Kendra Taggart - Flex Secretary
    Flex Office - room 100