FLEX Information

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    Flex class registration dates:
    2018-2019 school year

    Registration for 1st session of the 2018-19 year will be July 27th - 31st . Please contact Mrs. Taggart if you have questions.

    Link will only work during registration dates:

    1st session
    Registration: July 27-31
    Class runs: August 22 - October 4

    2nd session
    Registraion: September 10-12
    Classes run: October 5 - November 19

    3rd session
    registration: October 25-29
    Class runs: November 20 - January 14

    4th session
    Registration: December 10-12
    Class runs: January 15 - February 28

    5th session
    Registration: February 5-7
    Class runs: March 1 - April 19

    6th session
    Registration: March 20-22
    Class runs: April 20 - May 31

    If you are having trouble logging on to register, contact Kendra Taggart - Flex secretary.
    room 121

    What is Flex?

    Flex is a class period between 1st and 2nd periods. It is designed for the purpose of remediation. Everyone is registered for a flex class.

    Using a flex pass, students may use this class to make-up tests or get help in any of their classes. They can use this time to do homework, or classwork. We also offer enrichment classes, classes for High school credit and classes for college credit. Something for everyone!

    We have six flex sessions - two for each trimester. Students have the opportunity to "register" for the class they would like. If they choose not to register, a class will be chosen for them.

    What happens if I fail flex?
    If you fail a flex class, you lose the privilege of walking across the stage at graduation. You will, however, have the opportunity to make up this fail. If you complete the requirements, the privilege of walking across the stage at graduation is restored. For students who fail, a letter with the necessary instructions is sent home. 

    How do I register for flex?
    You can either register online, or you can come to the flex office to register.
    When registration is open, you will see a "click here to register" under the Flex class and Registration dates above.  You will need your student username (the same 7 letters you use to sign on to powerschool) and a list of classes you have for the same trimester. 
    More questions?
    If you would like a copy of our "getting assigned a flex class - policies" or you have more questions about flex, Please contact 
    Kendra Taggart - Flex Secretary
    room 121