• To excuse a student's absence, please call 435-563-6278 or email

    Good attendance is a priority at Sky View High School. We appreciate every effort for students to be in class on time because this behavior helps maintain the positive educational environment where all students are most likely to succeed.  Students are responsible to make-up work due to absences.

    Sports teams and other extra-curricular activites require at least 90% attendance in order to participate. That means no more than 6 absences in each class per trimester.  If a student drops below 90% attendance and it is impacting their ability to be successful in class(es), a school counselor will contact parents.

    A parent has FIVE DAYS TO VERIFY A STUDENT ABSENCE, by phone, email, or a signed note.  Otherwise, it will turn into a truancy which can impact the student’s grades and eligibility for extra-curricular activities.  You will find the contact information for our Attendance Secretary below.

    Please see the above link to read our complete attendance policy.


    Attendance Secretary
    Jana Hansen