School Community Council


    School Community Council
    2019-2020 Members

    Mike Monson Principal
    Philip Morris Assistant Principal
    Curt Hanks Assistant Principal
    Tom Olsen Counselor
    Kathy Fishburn Secretary
    Ryan Grunig Teacher/Parent
    Connie Rawlins Teacher
    John Womack Teacher
    Shannon Hougaard Parent
    Toni Gibbons Parent
    Mindee Hoopes Parent
    Rebekah Hunt Parent
    Sheryln Doyle Parent
    Joanna Mantz Parent
    Becky Neilson Parent
    Stefanie Thatcher Parent
    Heather Howe Parent
    Sara Nelson Hallock Parent
    Cheryl Peck Parent
    Dennalee Evans Parent

    Each year, Sky View High School receives between $100,000.00 and $130,000.00 from the School Land Trust Program, to assist with the school improvement efforts.  The School Community Council determines where those funds will best be used for those purposes. Parents are welcome to serve on the School Community Council.  Nominations and elections occur in the Fall of each school year.

    2019-2020 Meeting Schedule
    Meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday at 6:45am in the Main Office Conference Room

    September 17, 2019
    October 15, 2019
    November 19, 2019