FLEX Information



    Flex Registration Dates for 2019-2020 School Year: 

    Session 1 (Only 10-12 graders register)

    Registration is: August 13-14

    Session dates: August 26th-October 8th

    Session 2 (Only 10-12 graders register)

    Registration is: September 17-19

    Session dates: October 9th-November 18th

    Session 3 (Only 10-12 graders register)

    Registration is: October 29-31

    Session dates: November 19th-January 13th

    Session 4 (All Students Register)

    Registration is: December 10-12

    Session dates: January 13th-February 27th

    SESSION 5 (All Students Register)

    Registration is:February 4-6

    Session dates: February 28th-April 14th

    SESSION 6 (All Students Register)

    Registration is: March 17-19

    Session dates: April 14th-May 29th


     If you have any questions please email Dawna Webb (dawna.webb@ccsdut.org).
    Email is the best and most efficient way to get in contact with me.
    I try to check my voicemails daily-but my email account is what I check even when I'm out of the office.
    Please-email me with any questions or concerns.
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