Mountain Crest High School

Cache County School District

FLEX Information

    What is FLEX?
    FLEX is a class designed for the purpose of remediation.  
    Students can make-up or re-take tests, work on homework, or get help from a specific teacher. 
    We also offer PE, Enrichment, and for Credit Classes.
    Students can get help from ANY teacher during FLEX hour by using a FLEX Pass 
    (similar to a hall pass).  They can also use a FLEX Pass to go to computer labs or the library.
    There are two Flex Sessions per trimester. 
    We register for FLEX six times a year.  
    This gives students the opportunity to change their FLEX class frequently so it is geared to their needs. Each FLEX Session lasts 6-weeks.
    Students who do not register will be put in a Study Hall.  
    Students MUST register to get the class of their choice.  
    Students cannot request a specific teacher.
    Students with a GPA of 2.0 or lower are required to take Study Hall.
    For questions about the FLEX program, contact Melissa Jensen:
    792-7799, ext. 5312 -or-

    Q:  How do I Register for Flex?
    A:  Go to the Mountain Crest Website: and click on "REGISTER FOR FLEX NOW" (under quick links on the right-hand side).  That will link you to another website for Registration.  You will need to enter your student username (the same one you use for everything at school). This is the same software we use for voting, please do not be alarmed by the word 'Vote' - you are actually registering.
    Make sure you carefully look at all your options before you register.  Once you have clicked the "submit" button you are registered and CANNOT go back and make changes.  Please make sure the class you select is the one you want.
    Q:  What if I miss Registration?  
    A:  You will be placed in a study hall with one of your current Teachers. Unfortunately, we don't make changes after the Registration period is over.  However, you can still get the help you need!  You can use a Flex Pass ANY TIME to go to ANY TEACHER and take tests, get help with homework, etc.  Also, remember, we register 6 TIMES A YEAR.  That means the next registration period opens soon.  Take advantage of that and register for the next session of Flex.
    Q:  Why don't you make class changes after Registration?
    A:  There are many reasons.
    1)  Most of our classes are full.  We can't kick out a student who has legitimately registered to meet your request if you didn't register.  Most classes open for registration fill-up during the registration period.
    2)  We have a lot of students.  With nearly 2,000 students, it takes almost 3-weeks to register everyone into a Flex class.  We don't have time to make changes for every student who would request a change if that were an option.
    3)  You can use a Flex Pass to go to any teacher for help.  So, when it comes down to it, you can still get help from that teacher during Flex.
    4) Students need to learn to take responsibility for their educational needs.  There are MANY announcements, posters, emails, etc. to let students know registration is going on.  If having a specific Flex class is important to you, you'll learn to register when registration is going on.
    Q:  How do I request a specific teacher for Flex?
    A:  You can request a Flex class, but not a teacher.  You will likely be placed with a teacher whose class you currently have.  So, if you want your Biology teacher, register for Biology Study Hall.  You cannot request a study hall for a class you don't have.
    Q:  What is an 'Enrichment' Flex class?  How do I get one?
    A:  If your current GPA is 2.0 or higher, you can register for an Enrichment (or Non-Study Hall) class.  These include things like:  Robotics, Social Dance, Ceramics, Reading Room and Open Gym.
    Q:  What are 'For Credit' Flex classes?
    A:  Some Flex classes can be taken for an entire Trimester and you get .5 credit.  Examples include:  Peer Tutor, Treble Choir, Seminary, and Concurrent Enrollment classes.  Again, you must REGISTER to be placed in one of these classes, and take that class for the entire trimester.
    Q: When is Flex?
    A:  Flex is held after 1st hour and before 2nd hour.  Students must always go to their assigned Flex class at the beginning of Flex hour.  After announcements and roll they can leave with their Flex Pass and go to another Flex class if needed.
    Q: How do I use a Flex Pass?
    A:  You need to get your Flex Pass BEFORE FLEX BEGINS. Here are the steps to follow:
    1)  Either the day before or the morning of, go to the Teacher whose Flex class you want to attend that day and get a Flex Pass from them. 
    2) Bring that Flex Pass to your Flex class with you.  After announcements, show that Flex Pass to your Flex Teacher.  They will make a note of which class you are going to and sign your Flex Pass.
    3) Take your Flex Pass with you to the class you are attending.  When you are done getting help from that teacher, they will sign your Flex Pass.
    4)  Before the Flex period ends return your signed Flex Pass to your Flex Teacher.
    If you fail to use a Flex Pass (or return it at the end of the hour) you may be marked absent from Flex that day. 
    Q: What happens if I fail a Flex class?
    A:  The most important thing to know is:  You may lose your right to "Walk" at High School Graduation.
    When you Fail Flex, a letter is sent home.  It explains that you will have to go to "Peer Court".  At Peer Court, a student panel looks at your individual situation and decides what you will be required to do to make-up for your Flex Fail.  It could include service, extra home-work, working with a specific teacher, etc.
    If you complete the requirements given you by the Peer Court, you will be cleared from your Flex Fail and once again become eligible to Walk at Graduation.
    However, if you Fail Flex 4 TIMES, you permanently lose the opportunity to walk at Graduation.
    Q:  How do I fail Flex?
    A:  Each Flex Teacher makes their own policy.  But usually, it is based primarily on attendance.  
    Check with your Flex teacher to make sure you know what their expectations are.
    If you are caught 'sluffing' during Flex you will Fail that session.
    Q:  Why didn't I get the class I registered for?
    A:  Either - You registered for a Study Hall in a class you don't currently have -or- Your GPA is too low to take an Enrichment Class.
    Please see the following Flex Class Assignment Policies


    1)  You may not have Study Hall with a teacher you DO NOT have during the regular school day.  Other students need to be able to be in class with their own teacher to get the help they need.  If we fill up classes with other students, there will not be room to put students in with their own teacher.  Exception to this rule:  If your teacher’s Study Hall is full you may be placed in a Study Hall with another teacher who teaches the same subject.

     2) Having a teacher sign a note saying you can be in their Flex class does not mean you get to be in that class.  Even with a signed note, you still need to have that teacher during the regular school day or have another justifiable reason to be in that class.  Additionally, your current GPA and Attendance will be considered.  Finally, if that teacher’s class is extremely full you will not be placed in that class – even with a note.

     3) If your teacher does not offer a Study Hall, you may be placed in another Study Hall with a teacher who teaches a class you have.  For example:  Mr. Hamilton does not teach a Study Hall during Flex.  If you have Spanish with Mr. Hamilton, you might be placed in Study Hall with Mrs. Sorensen, who also teaches Spanish.

    There is also one “General” Study Hall class.  This is reserved for the very few students who have no other Study Hall class they can go to.

    4)  Students who REGISTER have priority during Flex Registration.  Many classes (Math, Chemistry, etc.) fill up quickly.  If you do not register, you will likely not get placed in the class you want because it will be full.

     5)  Some classes are NOT open for Registration.  (Example: Yearbook, Debate)  If you want to be in one of those classes you need to talk to the teacher prior to Flex Registration.

     If you have any questions please email Melissa Jensen.