• Principal: Blake Pickett

    Blake Pickett As principal of Spring Creek Middle School, it is a privilege to be able to work with such high quality students, parents, and staff. I grew up in Providence, and after college I taught in St. George for several years. I have been back in Cache Valley and in Cache County School District for twelve years. This is my second opportunity to be principal at Spring Creek. I feel very fortunate for this. Each of my four children has attended this school, and they had wonderful experiences. It is a great place to be.

    Spring Creek Middle School is dedicated to providing every student with every opportunity to learn. As a school, we are committed to providing a safe environment and a rigorous education for every student. We want to help each student develop a strong educational framework that prepares them for future schooling and life.

    As a school, we look forward to working with each of you this coming year in making this one of the best years in your child’s education.

    Email Mr. Pickett  Phone: (435) 753-6200 ext. 7711

    Assistant Principal: Amanie Crosbie

    Amanie Crosbie I am so excited to be at Spring Creek Middle School as the Assistant Principal. I did not grow up in Cache Valley but have lived here for 21 years. I have been in the Cache County School District for 20 of those years and am now entering my 4th school within the District. I have a love for teaching, learning and education in general but most of all I enjoy building and fostering relationships with people.

    Spring Creek is committed to providing a collaborative approach to each student’s individual educational experiences while here at our school. It really does take a community and village to raise our children and we are steadfast in our determination to create a safe environment for all who enter our school. I have had personal experiences with 2 children attending Spring Creek and have always been impressed with the levels of dedication and commitment to student learning that the school has presented. I look forward to being apart of this cohesive environment and making a difference in our student’s lives.

    Email Mrs. Crosbie  Phone: (435) 753-6200 ext. 7713


    Mrs. Richins    Head Secretary: Jill Richins—Email Mrs. Richins  Phone: (435) 753-6200 ext. 3156

    Mrs. Harward    Financial Secretary: Cammie Harwad—Email Mrs. Harward  Phone: (435) 753-6200 ext. 3180

    Mrs. Juber    Lunch Secretaary: Susan Juber—Email Mrs. Juber  Phone: (435) 753-6200 ext. 3185

    Mrs. Bigelow    Counseling Specialist: Patty Bigelow—Email Mrs. Bigelow  Phone: (435) 753-6200 ext. 3160