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      The School Community Council works diligently to help develop and approve the School Trustland plan and implementation of Trustland funding, as well as the school safety plan. All parents are invited to attend the School Community Council open meetings; however, only elected members may vote on decisions being made. Utah State law requires all schools hold an election every year to replace members on the School Community Council. A member on the council serves a two-year term and may serve more consecutive terms if they are elected.  We currently will be electing three parents for a two-year position. The only requirements for becoming a candidate are that you have a child attending our school and that you have time to serve. 

      Our meetings will be held at 3:45 p.m. in the Cedar Ridge Conference Room on the following dates:
      September 2, 2020
      October 7, 2020
      November 4, 2020
      December 2, 2020
      January 13, 2021
      February 3, 2021
      March 3, 2021
      April 14, 2021
      May 5, 2021

      If you would like to declare yourself a candidate for one of these positions, please email Mrs. Ivie at (amyivie.bassett@ccsdut.org). 

      We must receive your notice of candidacy by August 17th.  If there are more candidates than openings, we will have an election that will take place on August 26th through August 28th. We will send notices home with students and send an alert message to texts, emails, and phone numbers. The names of our council members and their contact information will be announced in the school newsletter (which will be electronically sent to emails this year) and listed on the school website.       



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School Community Council Information and Reports

  • The Cedar Ridge Elementary Community Council works diligently to help develop and approve the School Improvement Plan, direct the spending of  School TrustLand Funds, and create plans to help with student safety.   The following people are currently serving on the School Community Council:  

    2019-20 School Community Council Members

    Kristen Wilkenson, Parent kristinwilkerson@gmail.com
    Mark Hurd, Parent markhurd9@gmail.com
    Emily Jensen, Parent emily@jensenfam.net
    Tonya Newswander, Parent tonya.newswander@gmail.com
    Ruthie Hamilton, Parent apinkpersonality@gmail.com
    Lynn Green, Teacher lynn.green@ccsdut.org
    Pat Ashcroft, Teacher pat.ashcroft@ccsdut.org
    Amy Bassett, Principal  amyivie.bassett@ccsdut.org


    You may contact any of these people if you have questions or concerns about safety, the School Improvement Plan, the TrustLand Plan, or technology safety.  The public may ask to address the committee about any of these items. The public is always invited to attend any of the school community council meetings.  The meetings are held in the Conference Room at 3:45 the first Wednesday of the month that school is in session.

    Rules for Community Council Meeting


    You are invited to join School Community Council:

    Parents Responsibilities 
    School Community Council Candidacy Form


    Community Council meetings are scheduled as follows for 2019-2020 School year:

    Sept 4, 2019
    Oct 4, 2019
    Nov 4, 2019
    Dec 4, 2019
    Jan 8, 2020
    Feb 5, 2020
    Mar 5, 2020
    Apr 8, 2020 
    May 8, 2020