Student Handbook


    Included in this informational packet you will find Cache County School District policies, how to access them, and the Summit School Handbook, which includes necessary information, Student Acceptable Use Policy, as well as, behavior standards and expectations. Please review all of this information carefully with your student, then sign and return the forms that state you have done so. It is the goal of Summit School staff to provide a safe, secure, and academically fulfilling educational environment for every student.

    A magnet with a school calendar of dates, times, and events will be distributed to every family at the beginning of the school year, and will be a valuable resource throughout the year.



    Summit Eagles

    We Learn

    We work to be proactive, engaged, motivated, driven, and priority minded as we learn.

    We Lead

    As leaders we create a positive school community that is cooperative and caring.

    We Succeed

    We strive to achieve and celebrate success.


    The Summit Pledge

    I will speak up instead of acting as a bystander.
    I choose to participate in activities that don’t involve teasing.
    I forgive others if they make poor choices.
    I accept others for their differences.
    I include others in group situations.
    I will talk to an adult when there is a problem that I cannot take care of on my own.
    I am powerful in making a difference in my school.



    You may access a complete copy of these policies online: Cache County School District Policies

    Included in these policies, but not limited to, are the following:
    Student Cell Phone Use, Attendance, Bullying and Hazing, Rules of Conduct, Internet Safety, Dress Code Policy, FERPA Guidelines, and Sexual Harassment policies.
    If you are unable to access any of this information, please feel free to contact Summit School at (435-563-6269) or stop by the office.



    District Rules and Behavior Standards

    These behaviors have been identified as severe by the Cache County School Board and will result in disciplinary action.

    (1)   Insubordination or the display of gross disrespect directed at school personnel. 

    (2)   Vulgar or profane language, spoken or written. 

    (3)   Possession of obscene literature. 

    (4)   Possession, sale, or use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

    (5)   Violent behavior: fights, assaults, threats. 

    (6)   Disruptive behavior: weapons, vandalism, theft. 

    (7)     Harassment: intimidation, tormenting, teasing, name calling. 

    (8)     Default in educational requirements.

    (9)     Habitual absences or tardiness.


    Procedure for Non-compliance of Rules and Behavior Standards

    If a student refuses to comply with a rule, they will be asked to fill out and sign a refocus form, and will lose a privilege.  Parents will be notified of the non-compliance.  The teacher will save the refocus forms for documentation, and show them to the parents at SEP Conferences.

    Remediation:  Behavior plans will be created for students when their behavior becomes habitual.  To place a student on a behavior plan, the teacher may call a meeting with the parents and other interested personnel.  Behavior plans will be shared with all necessary support staff.

    Extreme Situations:  Students displaying a severe behavior, needing immediate attention, will be taken to the principal, or if the principal is out of the building, the designated acting principal.  A refocus form will be filled out by the student.  Statements will be taken from any person observing the behavior. We consider some behavior to be so unacceptable that the student will immediately be removed from the classroom and parents will be contacted.

    Immediate Suspension:  The student personnel section of the District Policy book, 

    ([-9.2-] 9 j) states, a student may be immediately suspended if a student:

    (a) possesses, or uses a weapon, explosive, or flammable material.

    (b) is using, selling or distributing drugs, or imitation controlled substance, or  paraphernalia.


    STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES:  For students with disabilities, the District Policy under the Student Personnel section [-9.3-] 9 L will be followed. 


    DUE PROCESS:  Due Process will be followed as stated in the District Policy book under the Student Personnel section [-9.6-] 9 e. 





    The first bell rings (9:10 every day). Bell schedules are as follows:

    1st - 6th grades:                                                  A.M. Kindergarten:          P.M. Kindergarten:

    Monday – Thursday           9:15-3:35                               9:15-12:15                            12:35-3:35

    Friday                              9:15-2:20                               9:15-11:35                            11:55-2:20

    School Hours: Please do not send your children to school earlier than 8:45 unless they are participating in the early morning Pre-teach. There is no supervision before then. Students participating in these morning programs must stay in their designated areas.


    ABSENCES/TARDIES: Being in school and on time every day is very important. When students miss school for any reason, valuable instruction time is lost. Please make arrangements with the teacher or a friend to pick up any missed work. If students will be out of school for more than three days due to illness or accident, Homebound teacher services are available, and arrangements for school work can be made through your child’s regular classroom teacher by calling the school (435-563-6269). To meet state attendance reporting requirements, please call the school  if your child will be absent for any reason.


    CLASSROOM INTERRUPTIONS: Please make any necessary scheduling arrangements with your children before they leave home. It is important to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum. Every time a call is made into the classroom, it disrupts every student’s learning. If there is an emergency, and arrangements must be altered, please try to make this call to the office before noon. The office will get the message to your child at lunch, thus avoiding a disruption in the classroom.


    AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS: We are pleased to be able to offer many different clubs for the benefit of Summit School students. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities. The phone number for the After School Program is: 938-2800. We encourage you to use this number for questions or concerns. If your child participates in any of these clubs, please make the necessary arrangements for your children before they leave home, thus avoiding unnecessary classroom interruptions.


    CLOTHING & DRESS: Students should look good and feel comfortable at school. They should be clean, well groomed, wear clean, tidy, and modest clothing. Shorts and skirts will be near the knee.  Pants and shorts will be worn securely around the waist.  Bare midriffs, tank tops, see-through or net fabrics, halter-tops, off the shoulder, low cut tops and muscle shirts are prohibited. Pants and shirts with holes are not appropriate school dress, nor is clothing that displays inappropriate words or sayings. Shoes must be worn at all times.  Hats or bandanas are not to be worn in the building. Exceptions may be made because of special activities. In order to maintain a safe, and secure learning environment it is important that these standards are adhered to.

    MEDICATION: Students are not permitted to have any type of medication at school unless they have a doctor prescribed Health Care Plan on file in the office.  Once this is in place, medication can then be administered by school personnel or carried by the child. It is important that the school is made aware of any special medical needs your child may have.

    LUNCH AND BREAKFAST INFORMATION: Payment envelopes are on the office counter.  Fill out the information on the envelope and put it in the slotted box.  Payment reminders will be sent home on Mondays.


    LUNCH COST PER DAY:    CHILD    $2.05     ADULT   $3.50       MILK  .35                 

    BREAKFAST COST PER DAY:   CHILD   $1.40    ADULT   $2.00                     

    The cafeteria doors will open at 8:45 for breakfast.

    Food Allergies: A doctor's note will be required if your child has a food allergy.


    BIRTHDAYS AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Please do not send or bring homemade treats, balloons, flowers, etc., to school.  If these items do come to school, they will kept in the office and given to your child after school. 

    PHONE HOME: Telephones are available for official school use and emergencies. 

    BAD WEATHER: In case of bad weather, listen to KVNU 610 AM, or KBLQ 1390 AM to receive information about school being closed.  Decisions should be announced about 6:30 A.M.

    CELL PHONES: Kindergarten-6thgrades: Student possession/use of cell phones is prohibited.



    Students have the right to attend school without being threatened, intimidated, embarrassed, harassed, provoked, or intentionally harmed.  They should feel that school is a safe place to be.



    Teachers will reward appropriate behavior with awards, recognition, and other suitable activities designated by the teacher and/or school.  Positive reinforcements will be used to encourage positive behaviors.




    FOCUS ATTENTION ON LEARNING: Students should not bring toys, gum, candy, electronic toys, CD players, or P. E. equipment to school without permission.


    CLOSED CAMPUS: Students must stay on the school grounds from the time they arrive, until they are properly released from school.


    HALLS: Students should walk quietly in the halls and not disturb other students' learning.


    REST ROOMS: Students should use a quiet voice in the rest room and not use it as a play area. In order to maintain a healthy and clean area, students should flush the toilet, wash their hands with soap, and put paper towels in the trash can. 


    PLAYGROUND: Playground equipment should be used properly. Students are not permitted to jump out of the swings, and they must stay in their assigned play areas.  During winter they must not climb or slide on the snow hills or throw snowballs. Tag games are not permitted in the fibar area.


    LUNCHROOM: Students should enter the lunchroom quietly, find a place at their assigned tables and stay there.  They should use good table manners and keep conversations quiet.  They should not throw food, or take food out of the lunchroom. They must leave the table area clean, and obey the aides.


    LUNCH RECESS: Students will be expected to go outside for lunch recess unless the weather is bad. They will obey the aides and line up quickly and quietly when their class is called in.


    ASSEMBLIES: Students are expected to sit quietly with their teacher in an assigned area and pay attention.  They should applaud at appropriate times, and not yell rude things or boo. Whistling or shouting is not appropriate unless instructed to do so by the performer or the teacher.


    AFTER SCHOOL: Teachers will excuse students in an orderly manner.  Bus students will load buses on the west side of the building. Parents can pick up students in the cul-de-sac or southwest of the building.




    CAR POOL DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP:  Students must be dropped off and picked up in designated areas only. They are not allowed to run across the street to a waiting vehicle, and must use crosswalks to cross the street. Please do not park in the cul-de-sac when dropping off or picking up your children. Remember to pull forward to allow others room to pick-up or drop-off their children.

    BICYCLES:  Students must walk their bicycles on school property, and when crossing the street with the crossing guard.  They can park and lock their bicycles on the racks provided, and should always wear a helmet.

    ROLLER BLADES: Students are permitted to wear roller blades and skates to school, but they must be removed before coming onto school property, and not put on again until after they are off school property.

    BUS RULES:  School bus transportation is a privilege. Students should respect the bus driver, all other passengers, the bus, and use appropriate behavior while waiting to get on or off the bus.  Students will stay seated at all times, keep arms and head inside, use a quiet voice while on the bus, and they should not shout out the window. Students must follow the directions of the bus driver at all times.  They will lose bus privileges if they fail to follow these rules.




    Dear Summit Elementary School Student and Parents,


     Welcome to Summit Elementary School, home of the SUMMIT EAGLES.  As a student of Summit, we regard you as an important individual.  The faculty and staff are committed to providing you with the best opportunities possible for your healthy growth and development. 


    This handbook has been prepared to make this year at Summit as successful and pleasant as possible for all students, parents, faculty and staff.  Please take the time to review the handbook with your parents.  Direct any questions you might have to a member of the faculty or staff.


    Again, we welcome you to Summit Elementary.  We know you will reach new heights and “soar like an eagle” this year.




    Summit Elementary School faculty and staff




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    We have reviewed the student handbook as indicated by our signatures below. Please sign and return this form to your teacher.




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