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    Every school has a school community council or a trust lands committee. School Community Councils strive to improve student learning, performance, and achievement through open communication involving the stakeholders in the education community. School Community Council membership is a balance of community and educator membership to create the most effective and responsive decision-making group possible. Membership will include representatives from the community, school site administrator, and school staff. (By law the council will consist of 2 more community representatives than school representatives.)


    At Summit, parental involvement is an essential component in the success of our students as well as our school. Parents act as the advocates for all children, thus they make up the majority of the school community council. Parents serve as the chair and vice-chair of our council committee. The public is welcome to attend all meetings.


    Each year we are in need of additional parents who are willing to serve on the School Community Council. It is important that parents understand the responsibilities associated with the council, including developing plans, allocating funds, and working collaboratively to provide meaningful school improvement for all children. If you are interested in serving on the School Community Council, please contact me at


    The responsibilities of the committee are to:

    1. Review testing data and all reliable data to determine the needs of the students. This includes: Goals for the School Improvement Plan/School Land Trust Plan and TSSA (Teacher and Student Success Plan).
    2. Assist in the development of a professional development plan.
    3. Develop a child access plan.
    4. Submit required reports for School Board of Education approval.
    5. Advise school and district administration and the local school board on local and district school issues.
    6. They may assign sub committees as a task force to complete assignments.
    7. They have access to and review a school’s budget.

    For the 2021-22 school year Summit Elementary received approximately $186,000 for school improvement. The School Community Council prepares a School LAND Trust spending plan and a school spending plan with TSSA funds to identify and address the school's greatest academic need(s). Plans are submitted to and approved by the local school board for implementation the following year. For more information on School LAND Trust please visit


    Summit Community Council Members 2021-2022

    School LAND Trust Plan 2021-2022

    TSSA Plan 2021-2022

    Trustlands Final Report 2019-2020



    Chair: I will make a motion to approve (chair states the item being voted upon).
    SCC member: I second the motion
    Chair: All in favor (SCC discusses issues when arise)


    Proposed Meeting Schedule 2021-22

    All meetings are open to the public and will be held at 3:45 in the office conference room.

    October 20, 2021






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