• Principal Jeff Keck    
    Jeff Keck

     I began my journey here by earning a bachelors degree in French with a minor in Political Science from Utah State University. I continued at Utah State to earn a Masters Degree in Second Language Teaching. I started my career as an educator teaching entry-level French courses for three semesters at Utah State while I was working on my Masters. From there I taught for 6 years as a 3rd-grade French Dual Immersion teacher and one year as the English counterpart. I then spent three years as an assistant principal in a year-round, Spanish Immersion school.  
    I met my wife while attending Utah State and we are excited to raise our 5 children in Cache Valley! My wife earned her degree in graphic design, also from Utah State. We have 3 girls (Kaayl, Sophie, and Gemma) and 2 boys (McCoy and Cohen). We are big Jazz fans and named our dog Rudy. Like most kids, their interests are all over the map. However, a few things we enjoy doing together are going for walks and working in the yard.
    I am so excited to be able to work with kids. It is because of them that I have the best job in the world. My father was an educator so I entered education with my eyes wide open and knew that it was a difficult and often thankless profession. However, I saw first hand the impact that he had on people's lives. He didn't just teach. He mentored, counseled, loved, and supported his students. I have tried to emulate his example in the way that I have built relationships with my students and have found incredible satisfaction in helping kids recognize that they can do hard things, whether academic or otherwise. Though it may seem selfish on my part, the feeling and satisfaction that comes when I see kids succeed, or when they fail but continue to persevere, is what keeps me coming back for more! It is my hope that students who pass through my class or school will remember me as someone who cared for them enough to go beyond the academics, to provide them with the tools and skills for a happy and successful life.
    I am so happy that I was assigned to Providence! Considering my experience and background, I can't think of a better fit for me as a new administrator. I know that Providence is a great community and I am told that there is a great parental investment. I have worked for years in a dual language immersion school and understand the challenges and needs that are unique to this environment. I hope to be a good listener and learner as we continue to build on the amazing things already happening at Providence Elementary. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with, in the words of Mrs. Trudy Wilson, the BEST staff she has ever worked with. I am also excited to join with these professionals in forging a strong partnership with the families in this unique community so that we can continue to provide the students of Providence with the best educational experience possible!