North Park

  • School Breakfast and Lunch   


    Student Daily Lunch - $1.95   (Weekly - $9.75)
    Student Daily Reduced Lunch - $0.40
    Student Daily Milk - $0.35 
    Adult Daily Lunch - $3.50
    Student Daily Breakfast - $1.30    (Weekly - $6.50) 
    Student Daily Reduced Breakfast - $0.30


    School breakfast/lunch envelopes must be used to submit a student’s money for both breakfast and lunch.  Envelopes are available in the office.   

         It is important that our students are well fed during the school day.  If breakfast is hard to arrange at your home, please have your children eat when they arrive at school.  Cost will be deducted from their lunch balance.  Breakfast is served with the arrival of the first bus (approximately 8:45 a.m.).  Students are expected to eat breakfast and make it to class on time before the 9:00 tardy bell. 
         If a child brings cold lunch, milk may be purchased separately.  Cost of the milk will be deducted from their lunch balance.  Please do not send carbonated beverages or other drinks in cans or bottles.  

    Title I is a federal funded program that pays for reading instruction materials and aides.  The federal money is allotted and dispersed to schools that qualify in each district.  Eligibility is determined by the number of children at the school who qualify for free/reduced lunch.  If you think you may qualify, please fill out and submit an application.  Applications for free and reduced price meals are sent home at the beginning of each school year are are also available in the office.

    You are always invited to eat lunch with your child any day during the school year.  Thanks for being involved in your child’s educational experiences.