• 5th or 6th Grade Parents:

    If you have any questions about your child joining orchestra this year, please reach out to Mountain West String Academy.  They would be happy to answer your questions and help you register for the orchestra. 

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Click it Club

  • I, Mr. Chad Hawkes (5th grade teacher) started the Click-it-Club here at North Park when one of the organizers of the Zero Fatalities program in SLC remembered me doing an interview with KSL about distracted driving and wearing seatbelts. My Jake had been killed a few years earlier and I was interested in a program that would involve students, parents, staff and the community in recognizing the need for seat belt usage. With the help of the North Park Police dept and Zero Fatalities I put together the program using materials the state provided along with a few of my own ideas that first year. We decided to have a 5th grade committee of boys and girls from each 5th grade class to serve as the catalyst for our program. The committee meets a few days each month in my classroom during lunch to plan and organize activities for the entire school to participate in each month to raise seat belt awareness. We usually have 10-12 students serve on the committee each year as chosen by their teachers but the activities are geared for whole school participation. We conduct a school seat belt survey each fall and spring to gauge our effectiveness in educating drivers that enter and exit our parking lots. The results from those surveys are sent to Zero Fatalities and used as a means of promoting safety and recognition of seat belt usage. We used to get a stipend from the state for putting on our program each year but those funds have kind of dwindled out over the years so I either use my own money or get items donated to continue the program. If we can get even one person to strap themselves in to prevent a death . . . it's worth it to me. Had Jake been wearing his seatbelt on the night of his accident, he'd still be alive today. Totally preventable and would have taken just a few seconds to do. As long as I have a voice I'll be an advocate for wearing a seatbelt, I always ask people who object to wearing theirs which family member or friend would they miss the most? How would their family cope without them?