Special Education

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    Cache County School District strives to serve all students with disabilities in a caring environment with an emphasis on transition to successful adult life.  We provide a continuum of services to meet the individual needs of each of our 1700+ students who have disabilities.

    Meet the staff   

    District Office:

    Staff Member Position Phone Number
    Joel Allred Director of Special Education 792-7631
    Stacy Larsen Administrative Assistant 752-3925

     Student Support Services:

    Staff Member Position Phone Number
    Andrea Chamberlain Occupational Therapist 753-2100
    Cathy Szumigala Occupational Therapist 753-2100
    Josh Hoyt School Psychologist 753-2100
    Wesley Larson School Psychologist 753-2100       
    Aaron Denison School Psychologist 753-2100
    Joe Cottrell School Psychologist 753-2100 
    Amy Thompson School Psychologist 753-2100
    Fran Schumann Preschool Coordinator 753-2100
    Kellie Garcia Preschool Coordinator 753-2100 ext.1902
    John Cardis Secondary Life Skills Coordinator 753-2100 ext. 1901
    Shanna Guymon SLP Coordinator 753-2100
    Krista Melani SLP Coordinator 753-2100
    Melissa Garside Secondary Resource Coordinator  753-2100
    Kayleen Wootton Elementary Resource Coordinator 753-2100 ext. 1302
    Steve Jensen Audiologist 753-2100 ext. 1701
    Whitney Bennett Audiologist 753-2100
    Kylie Atkinson Behavior Services Coordinator 753-2100
    Robert Woodbury Assistive Technology Coordinator 753-2100



    Assistive Technology


    Speech Language Therapy

    Student Activities


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