About Us

  • About Us

    Our Vision Statement:   Building a foundation of excellence within a community of lifelong learners.

    Our Mission Statement:   Nibley Nighthawks are respectful, responsible, successful, and safe.    

    Our School Colors:     Purple, Black, and Blue

    Our School Mascot:     Nighthawk       nighthawk in flight                                         

    Our Student-body:  Approximately 428 students are enrolled for the 2015-16 school year:

    Our Teachers:  We have excellent, highly qualified teachers providing instruction in each classroom, and extended resource services in the areas of reading, math, language, speech, and life skills.  We currently have fifteen of our teachers who have received ESL (English as a Second Language)endorsements, five who have received their Reading Endorsement, and three who have earned Master's degrees.  Others are working toward completing these endorsements and degrees.

    Our "Teacher of the Year" for 2015-16 is 

    Our School Improvement Plan for 2015-2016:  We are very proud of our efforts to help each child be successful.  This document was submitted to Cache County School District in May 2013 describing our plan for helping students succeed.