School Community Council


    School Community Council Members



    Danny Beus
    Wendy Droge
    Vice Chair/Parent
    Dee Ashcroft
    Melissa Houser
    Teacher/Vice Chair
    Taylor Stephenson
    Gwen Brown
    Samantha Rasmussen
    Naomi Clark
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    School Community Council

    Our SCC is currently made up of five parents, two teachers, and the school principal.  

    Each public school, in accordance with Utah State Legislature, is required to establish a School Community Council (SCC).  Some of the duties of the SCC are to develop a School Improvement Plan, assign School Land Trust funds, develop a Child Access Routing Plan, develop a reading achievement and intervention program, and create sub-committees and task forces, as needed. 

    SCC members are elected each fall for the following school year.  We will hold our elections during our fall Parent Teacher Conferences. Members include a combination of school employees, the principal, and parents or guardians of students attending the school.

    Meetings are held the Second Monday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Principal's office. If necessary this will be held in the library. Everyone is welcome to attend however, only SCC members have voting authority.

    Meeting agendas and minutes will be posted on the school website and the bulletin board outside the principal's office. The SCC accepts written concerns, comments, and items for discussion one week in advance of scheduled meetings. Give written concerns to the office or email any council member.

    Utah State Law requires all schools hold an election every year to replace members on the School Community Council. A member on the council serves a two year term and may serve more consecutive terms if they are elected.

    Additional SCC guidelines can be found at the link listed at the bottom of this window.