School Handbook

  • School Mission Statement

    Lewiston Leopards are Safe, Kind, and Responsible

    The mission of Lewiston Elementary School is to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve their potential and be successful in all aspects of life.  We will assist each individual in their personal and social development using the following themes as guidelines:

    • Self-esteem - We will strive to ensure that all students will be empowered with a positive self-image along with the self-actualization skills necessary to be successful in life.
    • Problem Solving - As with all elementary schools, we are primarily concerned with teaching the basic skills: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  We also believe that even the youngest student can and should be taught to use their skills in these areas to think independently, solve real-life problems, and to foresee the consequences of the decisions they make.
    • Social Skills - The students will be taught to respect the rights of others; including those of various racial, religious, or cultural backgrounds.  They will be taught to interact cooperatively to achieve common goals.
    • Physical Skills.  We will provide a variety of physical activities that will encourage each individual to reach his/her highest potential for well-being.
    • Appreciation for the Humanities.  We will strive to provide exposure to the humanities: i.e., music, art, drama, literature, and dance.
    • Values.  We will provide a positive ethical environment, exemplifying and teaching such moral values as honesty, respect, cooperation, and industry.


    Lewiston Elementary Daily Schedule


    1st thru 5th Grade

    M - Th

    8:45 – School Begins

    3:15 – School Ends


    8:45 - School Begins

    2:00 - School Ends

    Kindergarten Schedule

    AM                            PM


    8:45 – 12:00              11:25 – 3:15


    8:50 - 11:25              11:25 - 2:00

    Students who walk or ride their bikes are not to report to school before 8:40 A.M.  Teachers do not begin supervision duty until 8:40.  Students who arrive early are unsupervised, which is an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation for children.  Our situation after school is very similar.  Students who do not ride the bus are expected to leave the school campus by the time our busses depart, approximately 3:25.  Please make sure that your children understand what they are to do after school to get themselves safely home.

    School Breakfast and Lunch

    Breakfast is served beginning at 8:40 am. 













    $  54.00









    $  72.00




    $  63.00

    Adult Prices










    $  10.00


    The federal government participates in the purchase of meals when the declared family income falls below a certain level.  For information regarding free or reduced priced meals please stop by the office.  School lunch status is confidential, there is no indication on a student meal ticket of status.



    Bus route information, click here.

    State law provides for busing students that live at least 1.5 miles from school.  Riding the bus is a privilege.  The bus should be an extension of the school, safe and secure for all.  The following are the Cache County School District bus rules.

    <>1. Bus driver is in charge of the bus

    <>2. Follow all driver’s instructions

    <>3. Students will stay in their seats

    <>4. No loud talking, swearing, or gestures

    <>5. Keep head, hands, and objects to yourself and inside the bus



    1st Offense – Verbal warning (seat may be assigned)

    2nd Offense – Another verbal warning (Parents notified)

    3rd Offense – Receive first written bus conduct report (Warning)

    -         Parents notified by driver

    -         Parents, Principal, and Driver must sign report

    -         Report is kept on file

        4th Offense – Receive second written bus conduct report (Probation)

    -         Follow same procedure as 3rd Offense

    5th Offense – Receive third written bus conduct report (Suspension)

    -         Conference with Student, Parents, and Principal

    -         Bus driver is notified by Principal when student is allowed to ride bus again


    Severe Clause

    In the case of disorderly conduct, assault, arson, vandalism, defiance, fighting, using illegal substances, or any other endangering behavior, the driver will stop the bus as soon as possible.  After assessing and getting the situation under control, the driver will fill out the incident report.  If it is safe to do so, the driver will continue on the designated route.  If the situation cannot be brought under control, the driver will notify the district office using the fastest means possible.  The district will send out an administrator to the bus’s location to handle the situation.  For delays longer than thirty minutes, the appropriate school(s) will be notified who will in turn begin contacting parents and appraising them of the situation.  The driver will turn in the bus incident report to the school.  The school administration will follow up with appropriate action.  In case of serious misbehavior, which is any action that threatens the immediate safety of students on the bus or anyone else, the student involved may be immediately suspended from the bus without going through all of the steps listed in the consequences section above.


    Bus routes and schedules are available at our school or on the CCSD website.


    Children may ride their bikes on good weather days. Children should park their bikes in the bike racks and secure them with a lock. We encourage you to talk with your child about bike safety and that you ride to school with your child to demonstrate safe riding practices.  The use of bike helmets is a safety practice we strongly encourage.

    Electronics, Game Cards (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, face cards), Heelies, Skateboards, Toys, Trinkets, etc.

    For the benefit of everyone's safety on the play ground and the educational integrity of the school, children should not bring skateboards, heelies, roller blades, or winter sliding equipment to the playground. Scooters and skateboards may be ridden but must be secured on the bike racks and will not be allowed in the building.  All toys, game cards, electronics (gameboys, CD players, MP3, PDA, cell phones, etc) should be left at home.  These types of items will be taken away.

    Visitor Check-in

    We ask that all visitors check-in at the main office.  All school doors will remain locked during the school day except the front door.  The playground area is supervised by teachers and aides.  If you desire to talk to or visit with your child during lunch breaks, please check in at the front office.

    Telephone Policy

    Telephones are for emergency purposes. 

    All calls for teachers or paraprofessional aides received between 9:00 – 12:00 and 1:00-3:10 will be sent directly to voice mail or a message will be taken so that instruction will not be interrupted.  Voice mail will be regularly checked by teachers (i.e. – recess, lunch, prep).

    All calls by students should be made on the student phone in the office with the teacher’s permission (phone pass).  If a call originates from the classroom (with teacher permission) the office will be notified.

    Please make sure that students have arranged play dates, bus schedules, after school transportation, and any other after school activities ahead of time.

    All calls for teachers will be transferred to the teacher during the teacher’s specified lunch break or prep time.

    Calls from family members will be transferred to teachers.

    Student Use of Cell Phones on School Grounds

    (as per CCSD Policy – full policy available online:

    Student use/possession of a cell phone depends on the grade level of the student.  The following outlines the grade levels and authorized use/possession of cell phones by students:

    Elementary Schools, Kindergarten – Fifth Grade:  Student possession/use of cell phones is prohibited.  Communication with parents/guardians will be facilitated through the central office.

    **We understand that other questions or concerns may arise that are not addressed in this document.  Always feel welcome to visit the school office to discuss matters of question or concern to you.