Greenville's Got Talent

  • Parents and Greenville Students (4-6 grades):

    Greenville's 9th annual, Youth 2000 sponsored, GREENVILLE'S GOT TALENT is coming soon. Sign ups are  March 18-29.  Preliminary performances start the Tuesday after Spring Break (April 9th). Here are some rules and regulations you might want to keep in mind:

    1. Any Greenville students in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade can participate.
    2. You don't just have to sing. You may perform any talent you would like, whether it be singing, playing an instrument, a comedy act, dancing, yo-yoing, or whatever your talent may be. Please make sure the words, actions, or gestures in your talent are appropriate for all students ages K-5 to listen to or view. (Example: no songs with swear words).
    3. You don't have to do a solo. You may perform by yourself or with your friends.
    4. You must limit your act to two minutes. We need to limit the time so everyone that wants to has the opportunity to perform. It may be shorter, but no longer than two minutes. There will be a timer, and you may be penalized for going over time.
    5. If you are singing, you can sing with or without accompaniment. However, you need to provide your own accompanist. (There will be a piano available). If you choose to sing a song with a CD, please try to find the karaoke version of the song, so the judges can hear your voice, and not the one(s) on the CD. (There are sites on the web that you can download karaoke versions of many songs for only $1.00 and then copy it onto a CD). If the song is longer than two minutes, just sing part of the song.
    6. We will have preliminary performances after school (starting at 3:30) in the gym.
    Fourth Graders will perform on Tuesday, April 9.
    Fifth Graders will perform on Wednesday, April 10.
    Sixth Graders will perform on Thursday, April 11.

    If this day does not work for you, please sign up for one of the other days to perform. If you have multiple people in different grade levels in your group, please just choose one of the three days to sign up.
    7. The judges will narrow the performances to three finalists from each grade. Those groups will then perform again on Wednesday, April 17 @ 2:15pm, and will be voted on by the student body (3-5 graders and anyone else that would like to attend the performance).
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hillary Force. We look forward to all of the wonderful performances! Good Luck!