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2024-25 Full-day Kindergarten Information

  • Why is Cache County School District offering Full-day Kindergarten?

    Research supports Full-day Kindergarten:

    “According to research over the past three decades, full-day programs have led to stronger achievement, fewer gaps between student subgroups, decreased remediation in subsequent years, and better developed social/emotional skills” (Cooper et al, 2010; Raskin, Haar, & Zierdt, 2011).


    Cache County School District has been implementing Full-day Kindergarten (FDK) at a limited number of schools since 2017 with great success!  In schools where FDK has been implemented, 96% of Cache County families have participated. In the 2023 legislative session, Utah was able to secure full funding, and districts are now able to offer FDK as space allows. Cache County plans to offer Full-day Kindergarten to ALL families once the new schools are built and open for the 2026-27 school year.



    What if our family does not want to participate in Full-day Kindergarten?

    Full-day Kindergarten participation is optional for Utah families.  Cache County School District will ensure that half-day option students are able to participate in the minimum math and language arts standards as determined by the State Board of Education. The morning block is designed to be similar to the traditional half-day option. A transition time will be arranged at each school for half-day option students to meet their families at a designated location for midday pick-up.  



    What does an afternoon block look like in FDK?

    In the additional 3 hours of time for FDK, students will be able to participate in the school lunch program and specialty classes such as art, music, PE, and computers.  Additional time will also be given to practice and enhance math and reading skills.  Content time will be added to include language arts units with the new Wonders reading program, as well as science and social studies units.  Full-day Kindergarten allows more time to develop writing and social skills.  Recess and breaks will be scheduled to meet student needs. 



    Will my kindergarten student be able to ride the bus?

    If families live within a bussing area, Full-day Kindergarten students will be able to ride the bus to and from school. Midday bus transportation can be provided if a half-day class is created (see note below) and if there are ten or more students on a qualifying route.  If a half-day class is not created, parents are responsible for transportation at midday, as it is a program of choice.



    Can my child participate in FDK for part of the week or on an as-needed basis?

    Families must choose either full or half-day prior to the start of the school year; it is not optional on a daily basis. However, half-day option students will be invited to participate in special events such as field trips, class parties, and assemblies if they take place in the afternoon. Half-day option students in an FDK class may be able to shift into FDK later in the year at a school’s discretion. This option would not be available if a half-day kindergarten class is created (see note below).



    Which schools have Full-day Kindergarten offered?

    The following schools are planning to offer FDK to all families during the 2024-25 school year (subject to change based on enrollment): Birch Creek, Greenville, Heritage, Lewiston, Lincoln, Millville, Mountainside, Nibley, North Park, Providence, River Heights, Summit, Sunrise, Wellsville, and White Pine.  Other schools will have limited full-day offerings and will prioritize enrollment based on student risk and a lottery.  Contact the school directly for more information.



    Please note:

    A half-day kindergarten class will be made available if a school has 19 or more requests for a half-day class. If a half-day class is created under these circumstances, students in this class will not have the option to switch to a full-day class at a later date.