Welcome to Intramurals

  • Here at North Cache, we know that students have a lot of energy that is built up and needs to be expended in a healthy way, so for every grade there is an opportunity to participate in intramurals. They are offered every lunch time at various locations, such as, but not limited to, The Old Gym, The Forum, and the Lower Field. Here, students can compete and enjoy a multitude of fun sports and activities that are offered through the intramurals program. 

    • The calendar is set a month in advance and is subject to change based on the weather and the availability of space.
    • Students will have the opportunity to sign up for certain tournaments that are held at various times of the school year.
    • Sign ups last one week and are only announced on the intercom announcements at the start of that one week and remain available for one week from that point.
    • There are two places you can sign up, in person at the different activities when they are held, as well as online under the Signup Sheets and rules tab on the school website.

    Intramurals are a privilege that every student has the opportunity to take part in. Any disobeyment of school rules while participating in such activities can result in disciplinary action or banning from the program.





    Current Intramural Tournaments