Please vote on November 21st.
Frequently Asked Questions

Bond Information

  • What is a bond?

  • How long do bonds last?

  • What can bond funds be used for? Can they be used for teacher or administrative salaries?

2023 Bond Proposition

  • Why is this bond needed?

  • How are capital needs evaluated to form a bond proposal?

  • How much will the bond be for? How was that number calculated?

  • How, specifically, will the bond money be used?

  • What is the timeline for completeing these projects?

  • Has the district explored other options/means of securing funds, such as fundraising?

Taxpayer Impact

  • Will this proposition increase the tax rate?

  • Will the bond raise my taxes?

  • Why will my estimated individual property tax increase if the tax rate remains the same?

  • What is the district doing to make wise use of bond money? Are they trying to save taxpayers money?

  • How will the district pay for future operating costs of new schools?

  • I'd like to know more about district financial operations. Where can I find that information?

Past CCSD Bond Accountability

  • How often does the District seek a bond?

  • Didn't we just pass a bond? What happened to those funds?

  • What has the District done in the past to show wise use of bond funds?

Voting Information

  • When is the election?

  • What will the ballot look like?

  • Why can't the ballot offer me several options to choose from, so I can pick the one I prefer?

  • Where is my polling location?

  • Why is it important that I vote?

Public Information and Input

  • What has the District done to seek community input regarding the bond, so far?

  • Where can I find more information about the bond process and the proposed bond?

  • Who can I ask my questions about the bond?

  • How do I share my opinion about the bond?

District Growth

  • How much has the District grown since the last bond in 2013?

  • What is the projected growth rate for our county?

  • How does this bond proposal provide for projected growth in the District?

  • What has the District already done to address growth in schools?

  • Why didn't the District anticipate the student population growth? Why weren't schools from the past two bonds built to accommodate future growth?

New Schools and Grade Configurations

  • Why do we need more middle schools?

  • What are the proposed locations for the new school buildings? How did you choose those locations?

  • Will there be a grade reconfiguration with these new schools? Why does the district keep reconfiguring grades?

  • How will neighborhood boundaries be affected by the proposed school buildings?

  • How will the new school buildings affect existing school communities? The District as a whole?

  • How will these proposed new schools affect busing and transportation needs for families?

  • Why can't we just keep using portables? Why can't we just build more portables?

  • Why isn’t the district using bond funds to bring all of its older buildings up to new standards?

Miscellaneous Questions

  • What kinds of safety improvements are being proposed in the bond projects?

  • Will the bond make it so that all schools can have all-day kindergarten? How?

  • Will this bond affect class sizes or student-teacher ratios?

  • Why can't we get air conditioning in the older buildings?

  • My children are grown and not in school anymore. How does this bond benefit me?