CCSD Social Media

  • Our district utilizes social media to share important information in a timely manner and to inform our community about accomplishments of our students and staff members.

    Please note that our social media pages/accounts are not monitored 24/7. Patrons with urgent questions or feedback should reach out to their school or to our district office at (435) 752-3925 for assistance.


    We welcome comments, thoughts, and feedback on our social media pages. However, we will remove comments that:

    • Portray conduct that is against the law or that is inconsistent with Cache County School District policy or regulation;

    • Include statements that bully others or challenge others in a negative manner;

    • Include inappropriate or abusive language;

    • Invade the privacy of others;

    • Contain links to outside media;

    • Are spam or contain advertising for a service, product, individual, or business;

    • Are political in nature or are concerning ballot issues, questions, or matters in a public election including the retention or election of any person to public office.


    Please note, we reserve the right to remove any post or comment at any time for any reason. If you would like to report an inappropriate comment for us to review, please email