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Welcome to our PodCACHE

  • Welcome to the PodCACHE, Cache County School District's official podcast. Join hosts Gary Thomas and Tim Smith as they cruise Cache Valley and visit with CCSD schools, staff, and students to highlight all the great things that are happening in our District. 


    Production of the PodCACHE is currently on hold, but we hope to provide new episodes soon!


  •  Best of the 2022-23 School Year (according to our students)

    May 23, 2023: The Best of the 2022-23 School Year

    What was your favorite part of the school year? That’s the question Gary and Tim have for the CCSD students in today’s PodCACHE episode. Listen in to hear their answers and discover what students enjoyed most about the 2022-23 school year. (Can you guess how many students answered, “recess”?) This episode features students from Greenville Elementary, Heritage Elementary, South Cache Middle School, Cache High, and Mountain Crest High School.

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  •  Expressing GRADitude, pictures with three students and their teachers

    May 9, 2023: Expressing GRADitude

    With graduation just around the corner, we gave a few seniors from the Class of 2023 an opportunity to thank a special CCSD teacher who made a difference in their education. Listen in with Gary and Tim to the touching interaction between these students and their teachers. Congratulations, Class of 2023!

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  •  Tim Smith, Gary Thomas, and John Sanchez talk around a table

    April 25, 2023: The Influence of a Teacher: Middle school educators John Sanchez and Rachel Kenning

    Middle school can be a challenging phase of life for many students. The influence of teachers that care for, encourage, and support students can make all the difference during middle school years. In this episode of the PodCACHE, Tim and Gary visit Spring Creek Middle School to talk with 7th grade math teacher, John Sanchez, and 8th grade science teacher, Rachel Kenning. Discover why these two educators are so passionate about teaching middle school and the students they get to interact with every day.

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  • Tim Smith, Christina Ledesma, Daniella Lopez, Gary Thomas

    April 11, 2023: A passion for learning: Green Canyon HS freshman, Daniella Lopez

    Daniella Lopez loves learning. Whether it’s studying engineering, science, or history, or participating in debate, she thrives in the classroom. Her natural curiosity and ambition have provided her with extraordinary opportunities to advance her education. In this episode of the PodCACHE, we visit with Daniella, a freshman at Green Canyon High School, to discuss her academic endeavors and achievements. Tim and Gary also speak with Daniella’s mother, Christina Ledesma, who leads by example, encourages her daughters to work hard, and treasures the value of a quality education.

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  • March 28, 2023: Promoting inclusion and unity through Unified Sports

    Earlier this year, Mountain Crest High School was honored for being a Special Olympics Unified Champion School. Utah First Lady Abby Cox visited the school to present the award. She said, “Every single person deserves a chance to be included. Every single person deserves a chance to feel love and belonging. That’s what you’re doing here at Mountain Crest.” In this episode of the PodCache, Tim and Gary talk with two Mountain Crest teachers about how the Unified Sports program has created inclusion and unity in their school.

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  •  Dr. Jake Downs and Gary Thomas in the PodCACHE recording studio

    March 14, 2022: Building Little Readers: Literacy Proficiency with Dr. Jake Downs

    A leading district in Utah in literacy proficiency, Cache County School District focuses on teaching key literacy skills to set students up for a lifelong journey of learning. In this episode of the PodCACHE, Dr. Jake Downs, CCSD Literacy Coordinator, tells us about the science behind teaching children to read, what we do in the district to help little learners, and what you can do as parents to help the process along at home.

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  •  Carol White, Tim Smith, and Gary Thomas in the PodCACHE recording studio

    March 3, 2023: BONUS EPISODE Reflections from Colleagues of Superintendent Norton

    During his years leading the Cache County School District, Superintendent Norton's efforts created a lasting impact. In this special bonus episode of the PodCACHE, Tim and Gary visit with four of the Superintendent's colleagues to discuss the difference he made, the changes he inspired, and the things they appreciate most about their time working with him.

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  •  Superintendent Steve Norton

    February 28, 2023: The Legacy of Superintendent Steve Norton

    For 27 years, Superintendent Steve Norton has led and guided the Cache County School District. Recently, Superintendent Norton announced his retirement at the end of this school year. In this episode of the PodCACHE, he shares what he has learned during the course of his career, what his focus has been, and a couple of favorite memories.

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  •  Marty Reeder in his classroom

    February 14, 2023: An Author in the Classroom

    Sky View High School teacher, Marty Reeder, can offer his students a unique perspective: not only does he love reading and sharing good literature in his classroom, but he also writes it professionally. In this episode of the PodCACHE, Gary and Tim visit with Marty to learn more about his experience with writing and publishing his book, How to Become a Pirate Hunter. They also discuss how being an author helps Marty inspire and encourage students to pursue their own passions and interests.

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  •  Tim Smith and Gary Thomas with a group of Ridgeline astronomy students

    January 31, 2023: Making Contact with the International Space Station

    Have you ever dreamt of talking to a real-life astronaut? For one CCSD astronomy teacher and her students, this dream is about to come true. On February 7, 2023, Ridgeline High School students and faculty will participate in an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact. They will have the opportunity to talk to Josh Cassada, a crew member on the Station. In this PodCACHE episode, Tim and Gary head to Ridgeline to talk with astronomy teacher, Emma “Super” Smith, and several of her students about this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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  •  Tim Smith, Sara Miranda, Taryn McEuen, Gary Thomas

    January 17, 2023: Swimming her way to the Paralympics: Ridgeline High School junior, Sara Miranda

    Most of us can’t imagine swimming without the use of our legs, but Ridgeline High School student, Sara Miranda, not only does it, she excels at it. In fact, Miranda is an accomplished swimmer who competes in Paralympic games for Costa Rica. In this episode of the PodCACHE, Gary and Tim sit down with Sara to learn more about how her hard work and determination are taking her to incredible places.

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  •  Kim Mills and Gary Thomas

    January 3, 2023: The Influence of a Teacher: Early childhood educators Hannah Cobabe and Kim Mills

    Early childhood teachers have a special role in the education of young children: they are building foundations for learning during the most rapid phase of their students’ growth and development. In this episode of the PodCACHE, Tim and Gary talk with Hannah Cobabe and Kim Mills, two early childhood teachers from Providence Elementary. Discover how Hannah and Kim engage and inspire their students, and learn why early childhood classrooms are the only place these two teachers want to be.

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  •  Tim Smith and Gary Thomas with Cache Education Foundation Director Teri Lewis

    December 20, 2022: A Foundation of Giving to Education

    For nearly 35 years, the Cache Education Foundation (CEF) has partnered with Cache County School District, offering grants, awards, and scholarships to teachers and students. In this episode of the PodCACHE, Gary and Tim visit with CEF's Executive Director, Teri Lewis, to discuss the incredible impact of the Foundation and our generous community. They even drop in on this year's Christmas Tree Jubilee fundraiser!

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  •  Carol White with former student, Rob Campbell

    December 6, 2022: The Influence of a Teacher: Honoring Carol White and her 50 years as an educator

    Many of us fondly remember a favorite teacher who had a profound impact on our lives. Often, this special teacher's influence lasts well beyond our time in their classroom. In this episode of The PodCACHE, Tim and Gary visit with Spring Creek Middle School language arts teacher Carol White. Carol's career as an educator spans over fifty years, and she is a "treasure trove" of experience and memories. Learn why Carol says she "hasn't worked a day of her life," and then listen in on her tender reunion with a former student.

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  •  Tim Smith with Ridgeline custodians Josh Hansen and Dusty Lowe

    November 22, 2022: Clean Team: The Contribution and Impact of CCSD Custodians

    In this episode, Tim and Gary visit custodians at Ridgeline High School and Millville Elementary and explore how a school custodian's impact reaches far beyond simply keeping the halls and classrooms clean.

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PodCACHE Production Team

  • Many thanks to our PodCACHE Production Team: Jenda Nye, Katie Varga, and Baileigh Beebe