• District Office Building  

    84 East 2400 North, North Logan, UT 84341
    (435) 752-3925

    At this location:


    District Administrative Offices
          Superintendent Steve Norton, Assistant Emily Rigby
          Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education Tim Smith,  Assistant Ann Hunt
          Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Education Gary Thomas,  Assistant Lorene Hale, Assistant Keisa Lindley  
          Director, Elementary Curriculum/Federal Programs/ESL Robin Clement, Paula Hull
    Director, Special Education Jeni Buist,  Assistant Wendee Radmall
          Director of Secondary Programs Dave Swenson
          DTL Specialist Andrew Clark
         General Education Psychologist Joe Cottrell
         Education Equity/General Education Behavior Jack Alden
         General Education Behavior Support Tech Sherrie Petty
        Receptionist Lori Jamieson

    Assessment & Grants
         Assessment & Grants Director Blake Pickett
         Assessment Systems Manager Robyn Hedgecock

    Business & Financial Offices
          Business Administrator Jared Black Assistant Christine Ozmun
          Accounts Payable Stacy Larsen
          Accounts Receivable Chris Ozmun
          Director, Finance Scott Rigby
          Purchasing Karma Leatham/Julie Nelson
    Martie Smith/Tori Hillyard


    Curriculum Specialists/Instructional Coaching 
          Elementary Instructional Coaches
    Sarah Smith, Jeremy Smith, Trisha Duersch, Melissa Ellgen
          Secondary Instructional Coaches  Ashley Addis, Christa Bell, Darren Perkes, Nan Koebbe
          Secondary English Language Arts Specialist Ashley Addis
          Secondary Math Specialist Heidi Hall
          Elementary Math/STEM/Science Specialist Beverly Sanders
          All Day Kindergarten Facilitator Melinda Lamont
          ESL Secondary Specialist Emmie Staker
          Dual Language Immersion/World Languages Shauna Winegar
          District Music Specialist Delpha Hall
          Curriculum  Development/Training Stacie Gomm
          SEM Tiffany Wiesse

    ELL Parent Liason, Cristal Gonzales

    Elementary After School/Summer Programs, Michael Torrey


    Human Resources 
          Human Resources Director Kirk McCrae
          Employment Specialist Carrie Godfrey
          New Hires/Licensing/School Choice Tami VanWeerd
          Benefits/Insurance Sue Mitton/Rebecca Kirby

    Information Systems  
          Information Systems Manager Stacie Gomm
          PowerSchool Support Specialist Jilaine Evans
          Database Engineer Abe Gunther, Michael Harrop


    Public Information Office
          Public Information Officer Tim Smith
          Public Information Specialist, Webmaster Jenda Nye


    Special Education 
    Shalese Amott, Dyana Roberts
          Elementary Kayleen Wootton
          Life Skills Coordinator John Cardis

    SPED Support Services
          School Psycologist Aaron Denison
          Occupational Therapist Andrea Chamberlain, Tim Jensen
          Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Camille Terry 
    Caroline St-Onge – Occupational Therapist
          Preschool Coordinator Fran Schumann 
          Director of Special Education Jeni Buist 
          Medicaid/File Secretary Jessica Tenny 
          School Psychologist Joshua Hoyt 
          Elementary Resource Coordinator Kayleen Wootton
          Preschool Coordinator Kellie Garcia
          SLP Coordinator Krista Melani 
          Behavior Coordinator Kyle Wagner 
          Life Skills Coordinator Laura Hackwell 
          Audiologist Makynzie Larsen, Steve Jensen 
          Secondary Resource Coordinator Melissa Garside 
          Assistive Technology Coordinator Robert Woodbury 
          SLP Coordinator Shanna Guymon 
          Administrative Assistant Wendee Radmall

    Meeting Rooms at this Location:  Conference Rooms (Bridger, Trapper, Rendezvous)



    Legacy Campus Building

    LEGACY CAMPUS (Original District Office Building)
    2063 North 1200 East, North Logan, UT 84341
    (435) 752-3925

    At this location:

    Student Services  
          Director, Student Services Curt Jenkins, Assistant Romina Leguizamon, Specialist Marie Hansen
          Child Nutrition Susan Wallentine (Coordinator), Terrie Mays (Assistant), Derrick Mickelson (Technician)
          District Warehouse Scott Downs, Bryan Yarger, Brad Jorgensen
          Gear Up (USU) Dawna Webb (Director), Ellie Christensen (Events/Activities Advisor), Auri Squire (Data Admin.)
          Nursing Services Karen Peterson (Head Nurse), Heidi Bowler (Assistant Head Nurse), Jeanna Sorenson (Secretary), Erin Brand, Devin Corbridge, Jennifer Hansen, Chelsea Leatham, Joanna Bingham (Nurses)
          Online Enrollment Specialist Libby Sorenson, Marie Hansen 
          Project AWARE/Social-Emotional Learning & Support Debbie Rees (Project Manager),
    Elizabeth Seethaler (Spanish) /Alayna Baker /Anna Marie Isaacson/JaNae Sorenson/Brookelin Backus/Ben Moore (Counselors)

    Technology Support Services  
          Canvas Account Manager Mary Darnell
          Senior Systems Admin/IT Operations Manager Orrin Anderson
          Senior Network Engineer Scott Darnell
          Network Admin/Security Officer Josh Gilbert
          Systems Administrator Ross Luzzader, Jeremy Von Der Lieth, Spencer Jensen
          IT Support Manager Clayton White
          Helpdesk Support Specialist Chris Rondash
          Field Support Specialists Alex Price (South schools), Dan Mickelson (North Schools)
         Technology Installation Specialists Randy Thompson, Steve Rondas                                                                                                                                             Cameras, Intercoms, and Large A/V  JayR Robinson


    Meeting Rooms at this Location: Board Room, Professional Development Room, Greenville Room, Sun Room, Conference Rooms (Video Conference, Greenville)