Amity Intern Program for DLI
  • "Our family was able to host the very first Amity intern at Heritage Elementary, Raquel. Having Raquel in our home was such a positive experience for all of us. She taught us all about Spain and the different customs and foods that they have there. She cooked her traditional dinners for us on quite a few occasions and she was always willing to help our son with his Spanish. She felt so much like part of our family that we even took her on vacation. It was definitely a wonderful experience for all of us."

    -Mieka Bateson, Heritage Elementary


    "We loved the experience of having an amity aide in our home. Our aide, Clara, was respectful, kind, and became a fun, important member of our family. She was willing to provide us with some cultural experiences from her home, including foods and holiday traditions. That was very fun for our family. She helped our daughter, who is in the French program, with her language skills. We still keep in contact with her and love that she became such a good friend to us. We would encourage anyone who is thinking about hosting an aide to go for it! You won't regret the experiences it will bring to your family."

    -Katie Clark, Providence Elementary

  • For more information about hosting an Amity Intern, please contact the school Principal or the District DLI Coordinator.

    Heritage office: 435-792-7696

    Mr. Robins, Principal Heritage Elementary:

    Shauna Winegar, DLI Coordinator:

  • Wanted: Host Families 

     School Year 2023-2024

    Heritage Elementary participates in a teaching intern program sponsored by Amity Institute that brings foreign teaching interns to the USA. These interns are a wonderful addition to our Heritage staff and provide needed help and instruction. We would like to hire three interns for the 2023-2024 school year. The program requires that the interns be hosted by families during their stay, which provides an amazing opportunity for families who wish to participate. Here are the details for hosting: 

    The host family must provide a private bedroom for the intern. There are no requirements for a private bathroom or kitchen. The host family will also provide meals for the intern (the school will provide lunch for the intern on school days). Host families are also asked to provide daily transportation to the school for the intern. Walking (if the school is within walking distance), biking, and public transportation are all acceptable forms of transportation for the intern. 

    The host family will not receive any financial compensation for hosting, however the interns are required to pay for all other personal needs outside of room, meals and transportation to school. The interns receive a monthly stipend and are required to bring additional personal money and health insurance in order to participate. 

    Any family in the Heritage community can host and there is no requirement for speaking Spanish in the home. Families may host for the entire school year or may host for half of the school year. Many interns like to have two family experiences, so we would love to find more than one host family for each intern, if possible. The interns arrive a few days before school starts in August and return home after school ends in June. Families may choose to host from August-December or January – June. It is also possible to host for 12 weeks, but we prefer to find families willing to host a minimum of 1 semester. 

    If you are interested, please contact Lance Robins at Heritage Elementary or the district DLI coordinator Shauna Winegar for additional information. 

    lance.robins@ccsdut. org / 

    Can’t host? Please help spread the word to others who might be interested. Thank you!