Contact Information

  • Jeni Buist, Director of Special Education; 435-792-7631


    John Cardis, Life Skills Coordinator; 435-770-0355


    Wendee Radmall, Administrative Assistant; 435-752-3925 ext. 2033


    Lauren Leatham, PEER Project Teacher


    Mandie Hale, Cache County Post High Teacher


    Millie Geddes, Cache County Post High Teacher

Post High Services

  • Post high is for students with intellectual disabilities ages 18-22. Cache County School District has two post high options: Cache County Post High and PEER (Post-secondary Education, Employment and Research) Project. Both post high programs work with students, their families, and various outside agencies to help students set goals for their future, including employment, continuing education, community access, and independent living.


    Cache County Post High is located just north of Sky View High School. PEER Project is located on the Utah State University campus. For more information, contact Jeni Buist or John Cardis.


    More about our Post High Program: Special Education students make and achieve goals through the Post High and PEER Programs