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REACH-OST Program Information

  • What does REACH-OST stand for?

     REACH-OST is Cache County School District’s Before, After, and Summer School Program

    Relationships - A safe place for students to belong, connect, and be supported.
    Education - Create positive learning opportunities through academic support and individual assignment modification.
    Accountability - A support network with staff committed to helping students succeed that nurtures student accountability with parent support.
    Character - Skill-building activities that encourage positive academic and personal growth.
    Hard Work - Students that rise to the level of expectations.

    – Out of School Time: The REACH support programs are offered outside the regular school hours including before and after-school as well as during the summer. 


    CCSD REACH-OST Program

    All elementary schools in Cache County School District offer extra school support for all interested students and their families. Each school will be providing an after-school program where students can come for daily homework support. Each school’s Homework Support Program will be held from 3:35-4:30 and is open to any student wanting to participate.


    There is no cost to participate in this program. Each student who would like to participate will need to fill out a registration form which is available at your school’s front office.


    Each school’s Homework Support Program will focus on helping students with what they are currently learning in class. Usually, this refers to math homework support but may also include any other work that the classroom teacher has asked students to complete. If needed, teachers will reteach lessons from earlier in the day or pre-teach difficult lessons for the following day. All students will start with an afterschool snack before heading to their homework support classroom.


    There will be an after-school bus at each school for those needing a ride home from the after-school program.  Please see your school for their bus route and schedule. 


    To register for the REACH-OST after-school program at your school please contact your school’s front office for more information. As a school district, we are excited to be able to offer our community this valuable support program!