• What is REACH-OST?

    REACH-OST is Cache County School District’s Before, After and Summer School Program.


    Homework Support After-School Program

    Each school will be providing an after-school program where students can come for daily homework support. Each school’s Homework Support Program will be held from 3:35-4:30 and is open to any student wanting to participate.

    All Elementary Schools will provide a Homework Support After-School Program at no cost to families!

    Learning support for Reading and Math.

    Transportation home is provided for all programs (See school for bus route & schedule)



    To register for the REACH-OST after-school program at your school please contact your school’s front office for more information. For information about the REACH-OST Program please click here.


    REACH School Letter

    Spanish Translated copy of REACH School letter

    REACH-OST Application

    Spanish Copy of REACH-OST Application