Tips from Hot Shot going to and from school safely

For Walkers and Bike & Scooter Riders, Hot Shot says:

  • When you need to cross a road, be sure to stop and wait for a crossing guard at the curb by the crosswalk.

    wait at the curb for the Crossing Guard


    Please wait for the crossing guard to walk you across safely.

    When you see the crossing guard with the stop sign, you may cross the road    

    Always walk your bike or scooter on school grounds.  

    Walk bikes and scooters on sidewalks and in crosswalks.  

    Be aware of other people around you.

    Be sure to use the bike racks  

    Always park your bike or scooters at the bike racks.  

    Bike racks are located on the West side of the school and on the East side of the playground.

    Bike racks located on west side of school and east side of the playground

    If you are worried about your bike or scooter, be sure to use a bike lock!

For Car Riders, Hot Shot Says:

  • Please stay on the sidewalk until you see your car stop in the pick-up driveway.

    Get in and out of your car on the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY from the sidewalk.

    Please do not run in front of or behind a vehicle to get in or out of your car.

    Hold recess equipment still while you wait for your car.

    Teachers will be outside to help you stay safe and wait for your ride home. 

    Teachers will help you

    Please thank your parents for pulling all the way around the pick up driveway. 

    Vehicles, please remember to Pull Forward all the way to the next available space

    Please pull all the way forward

    Students, remember...You must wait until your car stops before you open a door to get in or out of your car.

    Click here for Drop off and pick up instructions

For Bus Riders, Hot Shot says:

  • Walk to your Bus. You have time.

    Line up to get on and off the bus.

    walk to the bus

    Line up for the Bus behind the red line.

    Line up behind the red line


    Your Bus Driver will let you know when to get on the bus. 

    No pushing or shoving.

    ride the bus safely

    Check to make sure you are on the right bus number. 

    Ask a teacher for help if you are unsure.

    You can do it.  We believe in you!!

    ride the bus safely


Remember Heritage Huskies are Safe, Kind, Responsible, and Ready to Lead