Greenville’s Virtual Back-To-School

  • Greenville Elementary will hold its Back-To-School Night virtually to help with social distancing. Each grade level chose the means by which they will do this.  


    Reading Facilitator:

    Mrs. LaMont would like to share this video with Greenville families: Back to School Slideshow



    Kindergarten begins on August 26.  An introductory video and information will be emailed to parents prior to the start date.  They are looking forward to a great year with your children.


    1st Grade:

    1. Each teacher is doing a quick home visit to meet each student in the class in person and to hand-deliver a welcome letter. They will meet the student on the grass or front porch, stay socially distanced, and only be there for a few minutes.   
    2. During the first week of school, they will send home their "Back-to-School" packet with all of the information they usually send on Back-to-School night.  They ask that parents read through the information in preparation for their Virtual Back-to-School Google meet.
    3. They will have a Virtual Back-to-School night via Google Meet on Thursday, Aug. 27, at 6:00 pm.  They will go over a few things and allow the parents to ask questions based on the information they sent home previously.


    2nd Grade:

    The 2nd-grade teachers will be making personal phone calls and sending home a Back-To-School Packet with students on the first day of school.


    3rd Grade:

    Third grade created a grade level welcome video.  They will also email information and send home back to school packets the first week of school.

    Third grade back to school night


    4th Grade:

    Mr. Greene is reaching out to his class and offering student on-line meetings for those who want them.  
    Mrs. Copeland and Mrs. Pugh have sent out emails to their students that include a video.


    5th Grade:

    5th Grade Movie


    6th Grade:

    6th grade will send a "Back to School" video to parents on Wednesday, Aug. 19.
    They emailed supply donation lists earlier this month.





    There are a few more things I would like to communicate with you in addition to what has already been sent.  

    • Entering the school in the morning:
      • We would like to reduce the congestion that usually occurs at the front doors.  The north and south end doors will be open as well as the front doors until the second bell rings.  
    • Procedures for leaving school:
      • Students will leave through the doors that are closest to their classrooms unless they need to go help a younger sibling.
    • Procedures for lunch:
      • We are required to keep students 6 ft apart while eating since they will have their masks off.  To accommodate this we will utilize the lunchroom and gym.  Students may sit at tables or on the floor.  Students will be encouraged to eat and then leave for recess where they can socialize.  We ask that parents don’t come and eat with their child because of the requirement for social distancing.  When the gym has to be used for P.E., half of the class will eat in the cafeteria while the other half will eat in their classroom.  This is all subject to change.  Please be patient with us as we work through these changes.
    • We know that the safety requirements are not convenient.  This is a different year, and, though it isn’t ideal, we are just excited that we can continue to educate and make a difference in the lives of your students.  We hope that you can join us in fostering a positive environment by supporting these measures with a positive can-do attitude.  
    • When we were required to go to on-line school, I decided I wanted to make some changes to our school halls that would make it an even more inviting place for the students.  The walls have been repainted thanks to the donations of labor from Sadler Construction and Wall-To-Wall painting. We have also added some fun art to the building with financial assistance from Lee’s MarketPlace and the Cache Valley Direct card sales.  They were professionally painted by a former Greenville Elementary student named Tanner Stephenson.  We not only thank him for sharing his talents, but also for doing it at a much-reduced cost.  Here is a picture of some of the art pieces: 

    Greenville Art