Computer Science Initiatives and Implementation

  • Computer Science "Access for All" (by USBE)

    Each student in Cache County Schools will have access to robust and varied computer science courses by 2022. All students will enter secondary schools with exposure to computational thinking and competencies in digital literacy. This will begin in our elementary schools with competencies in keyboarding, appropriate and responsible use of technology, and basic coding principles.

    Many students will self-select a pathway of study when they reach high school and may not be in computer science. The state K-5 and 6-12 Computer Science Standards are written to include core computer science skills of critical thinking, problem solving, computational thinking, and mathematical reasoning in all subjects. “Access for All” is a means of approaching K-12 integration of computer science core skills to build a long-term sustainable program.

    Computer Science Master Plan

    K12 Comptuer Science Framework

    Elementary Computer Science Strands and Standards

    Secondary Computer Science Strands and Standard