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  • Dear Parent(s),

    On November 20th the school district announced a calendar change that the last day of in-person instruction for students before the Christmas Break will be December 18th. On December 21st and 22nd, students will participate in online instruction. There will be no students in the schools on those days.  This calendar change will provide 14 calendar days to allow us to reset all quarantines before we return to school on January 4th.

    With the change, I thought it would help if we communicated with you what you can expect on these days.  We completely understand that some families do not have sufficient technology at home and students will not be highly motivated to do school work.  Consequently, each grade will provide the students with a homework packet.  It will include math, reading, and some optional activities.  This work will be review work that reinforces things they have previously learned.  None of this work will be required to be returned to school.  Our teachers will be working at school and will provide any assistance or remediation your students may need.  Please feel free to reach out to them as needed.

    Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Dec. 21st and 22nd upon your request.  You will need to fill out the request on-line (https://www.ccsdut.org/Page/7067) from the times of 4:00 p.m. the day before to 8:00 a.m. the morning of the day you want it.  You will then need to pick them up at our office between 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  

    I am happy to announce that we have hired Liana Welteroth as our new music specialist.  She is graduating this month with a teaching degree in music.  Mrs. Welteroth will begin teaching for us in January.

    There has been a short extension to the Reflections contest.  I’ve attached the flier to this email.


    Troy Pugmire


    Greenville Elementary



    “Librarian’s Minute”

    Thanksgiving or Christmas break is a great way to get a little extra reading done. Cache County School District has a fantastic online library that the kids can use. I decided it would be easiest to show you. This video walks you through Sora and some of its features.

    Greenville ES / Homepage - Watch Video


    It would also be a great weekend to look for lost library books. I'm still having books returned from last year, which is awesome! I've even had a few turned in from 2018. We have several kids who have books on hold that we are waiting for kids to return. Please try to get those books read and returned within that 2 week check out period. 

    Have a great Weekend!



    “Counselor’s Corner”

    Supporting Your Child's Mental Health During the Holidays 

    The holidays are a special time of year for children and adults alike. However, the school break, holiday gatherings, etc. can also bring stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Here are seven tips to support your child’s mental health during this holiday season.

    1. Prevent stress: The best way to prevent stress in your children is to manage your own stress. If you are stress free (or at least managing stress well) you will set a base of calm. You are setting the example for your children! For youth, a lot of the stress that comes this time of year is from uncertainty. Be sure to be open about what their holiday break schedule will look like, including what they are expected to do and what activities are planned. 

    2. Give your child the tools to work through stress/anxiety: No matter how much you plan and attempt to reduce stress, there are still times where it can overcome your child. Some tools to use when your child is feeling stress include focusing on calming breath or meditation, journaling, getting fresh air outdoors, taking a warm shower or bath. Talk with your child about why they are feeling stress and help them to find ways to work through it successfully. 

    3. Keep routine: Predictability is key! Try to keep sleep and eat schedules close to the schedules your children keep while in school. While an exception is expected for special occasions (like New Year’s Eve), it is best to keep bed and wake-up times within an hour of the usual during school time. Eat three healthy meals a day and be sure to keep active! 

    4. Prepare for family and friend time: For children, a room full of adults with probing questions can be overwhelming and anxiety inducing. Prepare your child for the event to come by giving them an idea of who will be at the gathering and what the event will look like. Remember that they are kids! Some traditions depend on kids being on their best behavior and with lengthy services, parties with strangers, and elaborate meals the demand can be high. Be sure to allow plenty of time for rest and recovery. 

    5. Rest: Be sure your children get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Also plan for relaxing activities that allow for recharging such as a movie night or family yoga class. 

    6. Have fun! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and miss out on fun activities that can be had together. Take time to do something that you all want to do and don’t feel like you have to do. Laugh and be silly! 

    7. Make a New Year’s resolution: Talk with your children about their wishes and goals for the coming year. Encourage a resolution that supports mental health. Some examples include; start a daily gratitude journal, weekly meditation or yoga, get 8-10 hours of sleep each night, make time for yourself!