• Dear Parent(s),

    We are happy to announce that Mrs. Kidman has been chosen as our Greenville Teacher of the Year. Tami inspires hope, ignites student imagination, and instills a love of learning in her students.  She is kind and genuinely loves her students. Tami is an amazing teacher! Greenville is lucky to have her.

    Mr. Checketts (Super Cole) has been nominated as our Greenville Elementary Classified Employee of the Year.  Cole does a phenomenal job of maintaining and improving our school building and grounds. He also cares deeply for our students and goes the extra mile to interact, help, and have fun with them.  We are fortunate to have him on staff.

    We would also like you to make note of the following:

    -The lost and found will be taken to the DI afterschool Dec. 20.  Please come claim your missing items!
    -There will be no school from Dec. 23-Jan. 1.
    This year we are gathering new and gently used books to donate to The Family Place. We are having a friendly competition between the grades. The grade with the most books will be rewarded with a hot chocolate party. The last day to donate will be on Friday the 20th. Thank you for your support!
    -We are going to experiment with changing our bus pick-up and drop-off location to increase parking space.  Buses will drop-off and pick-up students on the north end of Greenville on 2500 North. This will allow us to use the current busing location as parking.  Student drop-off and pick-up will remain the same.

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    Troy Pugmire
    Greenville Elementary 

    Counselor’s Corner:

    Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier

    Here are a few ways to show gratitude even for the smallest of things:

    1- Give
           Give something small to those closest to you for no reason at all - just to show that they are on your mind.

    2- Feel blessed
           Feel blessed that you have a few dollars to spend on something, like even socks.
    3- Smile
           Show your thanks with an ear-to-ear smile and help spread that yummy feeling. Your grin is contagious, not just to others but to yourself as well. So, even if you are having a bad day, try to smile at as many people as you can; it will encourage you to reflect on the things you are truly grateful for.
    4- Give again
          Spend your holidays volunteering your time, and the fact that you have a home with a fridge stocked with food waiting for you. And take that giant smile with you.
    5- Act without reward
          Pay for the order behind you in the fast food drive-thru lane. As kids we always plastered our faces against the back window to see their response - but our driver would always just keep driving without seeking out the grateful waves, beeps, and flashing lights of the people behind us. He didn’t need to look back for a reward.
    6- Write a note
          A co-worker or a family member, or perhaps the guy who packs your groceries will all appreciate a handwritten note from you. In fact, I bet they keep it somewhere for years to come.
    7- Be present
          Show gratitude by showing up and paying attention. Clear your mind and be in the room with the people you’re with, put your phone away and open your ears.
    8- Grow
          Be grateful for what you already have by trying to further it, grow it and then spread it. Taking anything for granted often results in complacency, and will stunt your growth as a person.