Mission Statement


    Our mission is to educate students for success in a changing world.


    Vision Statement:

    Our vision, as the Board of Education of the Cache County School District, is to provide an equitable, challenging, meaningful, and well-rounded educational learning experience in a measurable way so all students can achieve learning, thinking, character and life skills necessary for success in their personal, educational, and professional endeavors.

    It is our duty to provide a balanced and efficient budget; to set policy which will enable the District to function effectively; to serve as an appellate body as required; to encourage a continuous program of professional development that ensures highly qualified teachers and superior instruction are present in every classroom; and to act as an effective channel of communication and as ambassadors for the School District, education community, and public.

    In doing this, we pledge to prioritize the students’ well-being, support a culture where students and staff feel appreciated and respected, and provide fairness to the parents, students, personnel and citizens of the Cache County School District.