• School nurse assists young student in a mask.

  • COVID-19 Regulations and Information for the 2020-21 School Year

    Things we are doing at Cedar Ridge to help keep everyone be healthy and safe this school year:

    • Lunch/ Recess: Half of students will be eating in the cafeteria, the other half will be eating in their classrooms; both places will be fully supervised.
      • Students will have up to 30 minutes to eat their lunch and have a recess break.  Students will eat lunch, have recess and be brought in to use the restroom and wash hands during that 30 minute lunch break.  Students will be expected to wear their mask during those transition times, but can remove their mask to eat/ play on the playground.  There is limited exposure during this time.    There is supervision in the cafeteria, classrooms, and playground.
      • Please plan on NOT eating with your student this year.  We do not have more room for extra people. 
    • Limiting Volunteers and Visitors: We love our parents, but want to have as few extra people in our buildings as possible.
      • We are limiting volunteers to limit exposure in the building.  
    • Increased hand washing/ extra sanitation of classrooms:
      • Students are washing/sanitizing their hands before lunch, after all recesses, and before/after PE, Computers, Library,  Music, and Art. Teachers may have additional times they wash/sanitize.
      • Classrooms. lunchroom and lockers are being cleaned regularly. Aides clean student desks while students are at recess. Paper towels, sanitizer, soap, etc. are all refilled as needed. Desks are also sanitized before classroom changes and at the end of the day. 
      • Students have their own desk supplies that they do not share with others. Equipment and supplies used in PE, Art, Musica, Computers, and Library are sanitized after use. 
    • Assigned seating in classrooms
      • This is to assist in contact tracing if there is COVID-19 exposure. Students will be assigned seats in their classrooms, the lunchroom, music, art, and the computer lab. 
    • Masks: Students are required to wear a mask. We will give students breaks from their masks. We ask that students enter the building with masks on and at the end of the day not remove their masks until they are either at home (for busers) or in their parent’s car (carpoolers)
      • This is a mandate that comes from the state and we are expected at our school to enforce this policy.  Please be kind to your children's teachers, they are following the mandates as well and doing their best.   We do have compromised staff in our building, failure to follow the mask mandate may result in a class placement change.
    • Buses/Carpool: Masks are required

    Please keep your student home if they have the following symptoms:
    o Chills
    o Cough
    o Difficulty breathing
    o Fever of 100.4 or above
    o Muscle aches and pain
    o New reduced sense of taste or smell
    o Sore throat

    Students, teachers, or staff who test positive for COVD-19 will not be allowed to attend

    In the event of a confirmed case in a school setting: 

    Students, teachers, and staff who were wearing a mask and were able to
    physical distance are not considered exposed.

    Students, teachers, and staff who were not able to physical distance will be
    considered exposed and will be required to be quarantined.



  • School Hours:

    Grades 1-6: 
    9:05-2:50, Monday-Friday

    9:05-11:45, AM
    12:10-2:50, PM

  • TEACHERS 2020-2021
    1st Grade:
    Jensen, G.
    Tsai (DLI)
    Erickson (DLI)
    2nd Grade:
    N. Allen
    Lam (DLI)
    McAllister (DLI)
    3rd Grade:
    Jensen, L. (DLI)
    Madsen (DLI)
    4th Grade:
    Li, M. (DLI)
    Littlefield (DLI)
    5th Grade:
    C. Allen 
    Li, E. (DLI)
    Egan (DLI)
    6th Grade:
    Ji (DLI)
    Packer (DLI)