Joining the CCSD_5Ghz wireless network

  • Beginning in December 2018, all Cache County School District schools will begin utilizing a new wireless network. The new network is CCSD_5Ghz.

    All students and staff members can access this new network by logging in with their school-assigned username and password. These are the same credentials you would use to log on to a Windows computer in the school computer lab. You cannot use your student or staff email address to log on to the network.

    The old wireless network, CCSD_2.4Ghz, will be discontinued after Christmas Break.

    Here are some directions for logging on to the new network:

      • Go to the location to select a WiFi network.
      • Select CCSD_5Ghz
      • Below is an iPhone screenshot. Android should display something similar.
        wifi password screenshot
      • Enter your district-assigned username and password, NOT your email address. This is the same information you would use to log on to a Windows computer in the school computer lab.
      • You should see a certificate request from either or
        wifi screenshot 2
      • Select "Trust" to proceed with connecting to the network. If you are security conscious you can click on "More Details" and should see the following info:
        wifi screenshot 3
      • Your connection should be complete and you should now be connected to the network.

    If your phone says you cannot connect to the network, you may need to go to the current CCSD_2.4Ghz and select "Forget Network." Then, attempt to connect to the CCSD_5Ghz network again.



    These are the settings to connect with an Android device to the wireless network:


    Android device settings


    You should only sign in with your own credentials. Network access may be terminated for devices found using others' credentials.

    The CCSD help desk cannot assist students with logging on to their personal devices (phones, iPads, tablets).