White Pine Elementary Handbook 2018-2019

  • 184 West 100 North, Richmond, UT 84333       Phone: 258-2344  
    Principal:  Shellie Healy   shellie.healy@ccsdut.org

    Welcome!   We are excited to start a new school year at White Pine Elementary.  This page is an alphabetical listing of commonly asked questions.  We hope you find it useful.  

    Attendance, Tardiness, and Leaving Early:  Classes begin promptly at 9:15 a.m.  If a student does arrive late, they should check in at the office to get an admittance slip so we can track when the students arrive.  When it is necessary to check a student out of school, a parent or guardian must report to the office to sign the student out. Compulsory Attendance Law requires students between the ages of six and eighteen to attend school regularly.  Parents and legal guardians are expected to fully comply with the law. The school will send reminders of the law if a student misses more than three days. If a student starts to show a pattern of frequent absences, tardies, or check outs, the principal will call home and encourage the family to meet with her to develop a plan for improvement.

    Allergies:   If dietary accommodations are needed or if medication needs to be kept at school, you need to get a form from the office for your doctor to sign.

    Birthdays/Other Celebrations:  Please do not bring balloons or gifts to be delivered to a student in class as they are a distraction to the learning environment.  District policy states that treats should not be brought to class except through the PTA on designated holidays. Invitations to parties should not be brought to school UNLESS every student in the class is invited and nobody is left out.  School personnel cannot give out phone numbers or addresses of children.

    Bus: Behavior on the bus should not be different than behavior in the classrooms as rules, expectations, and consequences are the same.  Riding the bus is a privilege and can be revoked if the child refuses to follow the rules. Bus drivers will call the principal and report any disrespectful behavior and the principal will follow through at school.  Smart watches are not allowed to be brought into testing centers.

    Cell Phones: Personal digital devices are not to be used on school property.   Students may bring cell phones to school as long as they are powered down and left in their backpacks during the day.  Smart watches are allowed to be worn but cannot pose a distraction during the day.  Cell phones, smart watches and other digital devices can be confiscated.  

    Child Abuse/Neglect:  The law places “duty to notify” on every person who has reasonable cause to believe that a child may be neglected or abused.  School staff doesn’t have to prove that abuse or neglect is occurring, but only have a reasonable cause to believe. Our school will report suspected abuse and neglect within the guidelines of the law.  

    Citizenship/Discipline:  All students of White Pine Elementary are expected to treat their fellow students, teachers and staff with respect.  We believe all students must be held accountable for conduct that is harmful or disruptive to a safe and secure learning environment.  Schools where parents and school staff work together are most effective. Please support our efforts. Students will be receiving positive reinforcement at school for demonstrating good citizenship.  Every class including prep classes and reading groups will have clearly stated behavioral expectations and routines.

    Our first priority at White Pine Elementary is to provide a safe, predictable, and motivational environment for ALL students.  We understand that students often times arrive at school with heavy burdens and overwhelming stress. What happens outside school can have a profound effect on what happens inside the school.  If a student’s behavior is negatively impacting other students’ learning or their own learning, we will first consider the motives or reasons behind the behavior and provide appropriate accommodations.  If the behavior is chronic, a behavior plan will be created by the teacher, parent, and other involved personnel. Students displaying severe behavior or needing immediate attention, may be referred to the school counselor and/or Bear River Mental Health services.

    Class Placement:  Parent input forms for class placement are available the first two weeks after Spring Break.  Parents are invited to share information they feel the school should know when determining teachers.  White Pine strives to have balanced classrooms (number of students, even ratio of boy to girl, academic strengths, and behavior needs).  A change in placement can only happen with the principal's discretion and only after 10 full school days with the current teacher.  

    Computers and their Acceptable Use:  The Cache District Acceptable Use Policy deals with students and their access to the internet.  While at White Pine students and adults are agreeing to the following rules:

    1. Students will have access to the Internet and may only use the internet at White Pine Elementary under the direct supervision of a teacher.
    2. No one may use the network for commercial purposes or financial gain.
    3. Illegal or inappropriate use of the Internet is prohibited (Students intentionally logging in under another person’s name is considered inappropriate and will result in loss of computer privileges).

    City Crossing Guards:   8:35-9:15 and 3:35-3:55  Friday afternoons 2:20-2:40

    Highway and Main Street

    100 West and Main Street

    100 West and 100 North

    Dress Code:  Students should dress according to the conventions of good taste while in school.  Clothing should be neat and clean. Clothing that suggests violence, drugs, obscenity, gang activity, or other offensive themes will not be permitted.  Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Shirts must cover one’s midriff during all activities. Tank tops, shirts with “spaghetti straps” and the like are unacceptable.  Hats, beanies, and bandanas are not to be worn in the building. Shoes should allow for running freely an dhsould be appropriate for active play at recess and P.E. We appreciate you working with us to eliminate distractions to our learning environment.

    Emergencies/Emergency Forms:  Throughout the school year, students are trained to respond appropriately to emergencies.  Practicing for fires, earthquakes, lock-downs, and lock-outs are important for the safety and wellbeing of our students.  A lock-out is when students simply stay in their classrooms and keep learning while the administration checks on a suspected danger.  It is important to keep your contact information updated, both in the school office and with your child’s teacher.

    FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act):   This law protects the privacy of a student’s educational records.  For more information go to: https://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html

    Field Trips:  Teachers may ask parents for donations to help cover the cost of bus transportation and incidental expenses for field trips.  Students are never kept from participating in field trip activities because of an inability or desire not to make a donation. Field trips will not be taken away due to lack of donations. Students are expected to follow the safe busing rules.  Students who ride the bus to a field trip must return to the school on the bus unless they are physically handed over to the parent/legal guardian. There are no exceptions.

    Illness:  If your child becomes ill at school or he/she arrives at school sick, you or someone listed on your emergency card will be contacted to pick your child up as soon as possible.  Keep your child home from school if he or she has exhibited one or more of the following:

    • Diarrhea or vomiting
    • Measurable temperature (100 degrees or higher)
    • Yellow to green discharge from the nose
    • Severe or croupy cough that has not been treated
    • Infected eyes or ears
    • Other contagious, untreated infections (lice, ringworm, impetigo, pink eye, etc.)


    Library:   Books can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time; however, Mrs. Bowden will gladly extend the due date for any child that asks for more time to enjoy their books.  Students cannot check out new books if they have any overdue or lost books. Once the overdue books are returned, they can check out new ones again. If the books are lost or damaged, the parent is required to pay the cost to replace them.  Kindergarteners can check out 1 book at a time until January and then they can take 2 books. Second graders can check out 2 books at a time. Third - Sixth graders can check out up to 3 books at a time.

    Library Hours Before School: 8:45-9:10 M-F

    Library Hours After School:  3:35 - 3:50 M-Th (Fridays from 2:20 - 2:35)

    Lunch Times:    

    (15-20 minutes to eat and 15 minutes for recess)

    1st Grade - 11:55    

    2nd Grade - 12:05      

    3rd Grade - 12:15     

    4th Grade - 12:30    

    5th Grade - 12:40      

    6th Grade -  12:50

    Lunch and Breakfast Prices:  Lunch and breakfast are served at White Pine Elementary.  School meals should be paid in advance.

    • Breakfast Daily - $1.40, Weekly - $7.00 (Daily reduced breakfast - 30¢)
    • Lunch Daily - $2.05, Weekly - $10.25 (Daily reduced lunch - 40¢)
    • Separate Milk purchase 35¢
    • Adult Meal $3.50

    If your account balance drops too low into the negative, there is a chance your child may receive a peanut butter sandwich instead of the main line option.  Parents may apply for free or reduced lunch prices by using this link:  https://secure.ezmealapp.com/default.aspx?cid=YTY1YmI1NDgtYmJkOC00MTBjLThhMWQtMDVkYjU0YWRjNmQ2

    Breakfast is served at 8:45 a.m.  Students who eat breakfast are expected to make it to class on time before the 9:10 tardy bell.  Students are allowed to bring lunch and beverages from home. Milk is available for purchase separate from buying a meal.  Those students who are allergic to milk will be offered water.

    Adult lunches are $3.50.  Please let the office know before 9:30 if you are planning on purchasing a school lunch.  This will help us make sure we have enough food for all of the students.

    Medication:  As per state law, school staff cannot provide medication for students.  We also cannot monitor or participate in the dispensing of medication for students without a school provided “Permission to Administer Medication” form that has been signed by the parent and a health care provider.  This applies to both over-the-counter medication and prescription medications.

    Mission Statement:   White Pine Elementary will provide the foundation for all students to become lifelong learners for academic and behavior success. Students will learn to be safe by making positive choices and learning from their mistakes while building character skills. Students will learn to be responsible by working hard and completing assignments in the classroom and community. Students will be able to recognize their areas of strength and believe in all they can do. Students will learn to be kind by being provided leadership opportunities that will teach respect for themselves and service to all those around them.

    Parent/Teacher/School Communication:  In order to receive school announcements as text messages, please update your settings in Powerschool.  Teachers will provide regular communication about class events through email, paper notes, or phone apps.  If you have concerns please contact teachers through email or call during business hours (8:45-4:00).

    Personal Possessions:  Please put your child’s name on their clothing, bags, etc.  Students should check for lost items in the office. Students’ should not bring toys, games, hobby cards, sports equipment, personal electronics, distracting accessories, or pets to school.  Such items are often distracting, cause hard feelings between students, or sometimes fall into the wrong hands.  Staff will not assume responsibility for lost, misplaced, or stolen personal items.

    Pick Up and Drop Off:

    • Be considerate of all other vehicles and students during pick-up/drop-off times.  
    • All vehicles should drop-off/pick-up students by pulling in front of the school as close to the curb as possible, going in one direction (north).
    • Students should exit vehicles between cones on the side closest to the curb and sidewalk.
    • Do not double-park.  It is very dangerous to have students walking between vehicles.
    • Do not drop-off/pick-up in the bus zone.  This is a state regulation and a safety rule.

    Reading Homework:   Please make a family commitment to reading 20 minutes daily.  Our school works closely with Richmond's library and encourages regular visits there.

    Recess:  Students are expected to go outside for recess with their class unless severe weather requires all students to stay inside.  Teachers cannot monitor safety if some students are inside and others are outside. Generally, if students are too sick to participate in outside recess, they are probably too sick to come to school.  Please make sure the school and teacher are aware if your child has asthma as the weather may be a concern for them. Please stress the need for hats, gloves, coats, and boots during the winter and please label all outside clothing.  Parents will be called to bring dry clothes if the student gets too wet during recess. A doctor’s note should be sent to the PE Specialist if your child cannot participate in PE activities.

    Safe Schools:  Cache School District is committed to providing a safe school environment where learning takes place free from unnecessary disruption and danger.  The possession of controlled substances or a weapon or likeness of a weapon is grounds for immediate suspension or expulsion. (See the district policy on the website.)  At White Pine Elementary, harassment, threats, or assaults are grounds for in-school suspension (student loses privileges like recess and sitting with friends at lunch, but their work is still completed at school).

    School Community Council:  The White Pine Elementary Community Council will be comprised of elected parents and school staff members.  As per the law, parent membership will exceed school staff membership by at least one person. We generally have five parents, three teachers, the principal, and a school board member who serve on the council.  Elections are held each spring and notice is given by newsletter and on the website of when the elections will be held. Regular meetings held in our library on the 2nd Monday of each month at 3:45 will discuss recommendations related to school improvement and safe walking routes.  All parents are always welcome to attend, but only council members can vote on changes.

    School Colors:  Blue and Yellow   School Mascot:  Eagle

    School Song:  We’re the White Pine Eagles, our school it is so fine.  We try to be safe, responsible, and kind.  With parents and teachers to help us everyday.  We’re the White Pine Eagles, we’ll shout a big Hoo-ray!  (written by: Mrs. Jackie Freeman)

    School Hours:

    Breakfast  8:30, Library 8:50, Playground 8:50

    1st through 6th Grades: Monday - Thursday   9:15 – 3:35    Friday 9:15 – 2:20

    A.M. Kindergarten: Monday – Thursday  9:15 – 12:15    Friday    9:15 – 11:40

    P.M. Kindergarten: Monday – Thursday  12:35 – 3:35    Friday 11:50 – 2:20

    School Pledge:  I am Safe, Kind, and Responsible.  I am developing a growth mindset for success.

    Spirit Days: Teachers determine school goals for the year and plan regular Spirit Days as a school reward for progress.  The PTA plans the Spirit Day. Spirit Days have themes and usually involve the students wearing something silly (ex. Superhero Day, Crazy Socks Day, Beach Day, etc.). 

    Telephone:  Parents, please understand our need to keep phone lines open for emergencies and other urgent school matters.  We are not always available to answer your calls because we may be answering a call on the other line, helping someone in the office, or handling other issues.  Please leave a message or call back later. We ask that students do not use the phones to call to get permission to go play with friends. Also please know that the phones get busy at the end of the day and we may not be able to get messages to students before the bell rings.  When possible, please make plans for necessary changes with your student before they leave for school in the morning.

    Visitors/Volunteers:  Visitors and Volunteers are asked to park in the northwest parking lot and sign in at the office.  They must wear their visitor pass while visiting any part of the school. Friends or relatives from other schools may not attend school with our students because of liability issues.  Let someone at the office know if you are interested in volunteering.

    Weather Related School Closings:  For information tune your radio to KVNU 610 AM or KBLQ 1390 AM.  An emergency announcement will also be send via Power Announcement to the email address and phone numbers in PowerSchool.