Welcome back to school!

School Office Hours

Dates to Remember

  • Mid August a "Meet Your Teacher" opportunity will be provided prior to beginning school.  More information to come.

    August 20  First Day of School (1st - 6th)

    August 26 First Day of Kindergarten and Preschool

    September 7  No School (Labor Day)

Letter from Principal Burt

  • Dear Lewiston Elementary Families,

    I want to officially, welcome all of you to the 2020-21 School Year. It's going to be a great year! For those of you who are new to our school, please know that you are coming to a wonderful place. Our teachers and staff are passionate, caring, hardworking, and always learning something new for the benefit of your children. We are a collaborative and driven group who take learning seriously while also making personal connections that help children succeed.

    We are implementing procedures to try and ensure a clean and healthy environment as possible to start school.  As parents, you can help by encouraging your children to remember their masks or keeping your children home if they don't feel well. Please do not medicate to relieve symptoms and send them.  That puts everyone at risk.  Teach and encourage proper hygiene.  We all want a "normal" school year and it will take effort on everyone's part.  

    This is my fifth year as the principal at Lewiston Elementary.  I am thrilled at the opportunity to get to know all of you even better this year as we engage in the educational process together.  I am a big believer in communication and honesty.  If we are honest with each other and communicate with each other, then we will be successful.  I also believe that building strong relationships between home and school is a key factor in increasing student achievement.  As principal, my door is always open and I welcome your input. I strongly believe that parental involvement is an essential component of student success, as research continues to show a strong correlation between increased involvement and high student success.

    There will be fewer faculty changes than we've been experiencing in the past so, that is good! We will be bidding farewell to Rebekah Braden. She taught 4th grade this year and is moving to Salt Lake City.  Also, Sierra Southwick, our cute SLP had her baby girl and has moved with her family out of Cache Valley.    

    There will be 3 new faces at our school for the coming school year! We would like to welcome Jason and Kelly Hampton. A husband and wife team who will be teaching 4th and 5th grade.  Sarah Jensen is our new SLP.

    A "Meet Your Teacher" opportunity will be provided prior to school starting.  More information to come.

    School Hours: M-F 9:05-2:50, The first bell rings at 9:00 am.  Kindergarten/Preschool: AM - 9:05 AM-11:50 AM,  PM 12:00 PM - 2:50 PM. (No Preschool on Friday)

    In the interest of safety, please do not drop off your children before 8:45 as there is no supervision before that time.  Also, please be sure to pick up your children by 3:00 in the afternoon.

     Arrival times:

    Our school day begins at 9:05 am every day. Students should be in their seats and ready to start by then.  Please be sure to have your child/children here on time. Students who are consistently tardy are at a clear disadvantage and usually arrive feeling frantic and unprepared.  All students who arrive after 9:05 am must sign in at the office. If your child will not be present, please call and inform our school office at 435-258-2923.

     Meal Prices and Menus:

    This year, school lunch will cost $2.05.  Breakfast, which is served from 8:35-9:00 am, will cost $1.40.  Lunch menus will be sent home monthly and can also be accessed on our school website by clicking on the fork and knife icon under Popular Links.  We will have forms for free and reduced lunch available at back to school night or the application can be done online.  Please consider applying even if your child plans on bringing lunch from home.  A significant amount of funding is based on our free and reduced numbers, which enables us to provide small group instruction, classroom support, and after-school programs.

     Bus Schedules:

    Bus schedules are available online: CCSD Bus Schedules and Boundaries.  Please be advised that the schedules change during the summer and are not finalized until the week before school starts.  Kindergarten times are not published.

     Dates to Remember:

    1st Day of School- Wednesday, August 20nd

    1st Day of Preschool-Monday, August 26th

    1st Day of Kindergarten-August 26th.

    No School (Labor Day) – Monday, September 7th



    I look forward to working with you and your children. Together we can and do make a difference!

     Leslie Burt

    Principal, Lewiston Elementary School