• Art Club Information 

    First day of club: Tuesday, Sept 6th 
    When: Tuesdays, 3:00-4:30 pm 
    Where: Art classroom, ABF 4 
    Fee: $5 per student (please do not pay until you have applied and been accepted into Art Club)


    Signing in for Art Club 

    ● After school, check in at the cafeteria and get a snack (if you don’t know how to check in, ask Mr McKinnon or another adult in the cafeteria). 
    ● Meet in the Art room at 2:55 so we can begin right at 3:00. 


    Art Club Activities

    We will do different projects throughout the year, including a group project or two to display in the school. I can’t promise we will have time for all of them, but some of these might include…

    ● Printmaking 
    ● Drawing 
    ● Ceramics 
    ● Painting 
    ● Watercolor 
    ● Pastels 

    Art Club Expectations

    During Art Club, students are expected to… 
    ● Attend every week! If there are any conflicts, please notify Mrs Bassett.

    ● Stay with Art Club- leaving the room without permission or visiting other students or after school activities is not appropriate. 
    ● Listen to instructions. 
    ● Use art tools and materials appropriately. 
    ● Follow school dress code and behavior standards. Also, it is not a Cell Phone Club!

    ● Do your best work and try new things! 


    Leaving Art Club

    At the end of Art Club, students are expected to… 
    ● Clean up after themselves and return all classroom supplies where they belong.

    ● Attend the after school REACH activity from 4:30-5pm (unless your parents pick you up earlier than 5pm) 
    ● Get on the bus to go home at 5 pm. 


    *NOTE: Mrs Bassett is due to have her baby at the end of December. It is not certain right now whether after school Art Club will be able to happen while she is gone January-March. As she gets more information about this, she will let you know!


    Art Club Calendar 2022-23 
    This calendar is subject to change! Mrs Bassett will email updates and talk to students at Art Club if changes are necessary.

    6- Printmaking Intro / Practice 
    13- Spooky/Fall Prints 
    20- Spooky/Fall Prints 
    27- Print exchange party! Mount prints for display (last day to print, during HERO) 

    4- Ceramics Intro 
    11- Mugs 
    18- Mugs 
    25- Last wet clay day

    1- Acrylic painting intro 
    8- Landscape painting 
    15- Intro to Glaze / Landscape painting 22- NO ART CLUB (Enjoy Thanksgiving break!)

    6- Glaze / Landscape painting 
    13- Last day to glaze / paint 
    20- Hot Cocoa Party During HERO hour, NO ART CLUB AFTER SCHOOL 27- NO ART CLUB (Enjoy Christmas break!) 




    4- NO ART CLUB (Enjoy Spring break!)

    11- Proportions of the face (BYO portrait)

    18- Oil pastel Intro, Texture & shading 25- Oil pastel portraits (BIG!)

    2- Oil pastel portraits 
    9- Last day to do portraits 
    16- Art Club party! Last day of Club