Cache County School District's Public Information Office

  • The Public Information Office is responsible for gathering and sharing news information related to Cache County School District, its schools, and programs.  It serves as a liaison to the community and provides various services to promote effective communication and partnerships, by managing media relations, publicity, social media and overall district website maintenance.

Public Information Office Staff

  • Tim Smith, Public Information Officer
    (435) 994-0307

    Jenda Nye, Public Information Specialist
    (435) 752-3925 ext. 2071

    Tessa Evans, Kimber Young Public Information Interns,
    (435) 752-3925 ext. 2025

    Judy Gibbons, Information Systems Manager
    (435) 752-3925

    Robyn Hedgecock, Assessment Systems Manager
    (435) 752-3925