Public Information Office

  • The Public Information Office (PIO) is responsible for gathering and sharing news information related to Cache County School District, its schools, and programs. It serves as a liaison to the community and provides various services to promote effective communication and partnerships, by managing media relations, publicity, social media, and overall district website maintenance. We are here to support the district and Cache County School District Community. If there is district information that needs to be shared or informed to the public, contact the Public Information Office.

Public Information Office Staff

  • Tim Smith, Public Information Officer
    (435) 994-0307

    Jenda Nye, Public Information Specialist
    (435) 752-3925 ext. 2071

    Tessa Evans, Kimber Young Public Information Interns
    tessa.evans@ccsdut.org, kimber.young@ccsdut.org
    (435) 752-3925 ext. 2025

    Judy Gibbons, Information Systems Manager
    (435) 752-3925

How Can the PIO Support You?

  • Media Requests
    The PIO can help you approach the media to request coverage for special events, programs, and achievements. Please contact the PIO when any media requests are made to you. The PIO staff would be happy to help you arrange a visit or interview. 
    Media Guidelines and Forms
    2019-20 District Media Release Form
    CCSD Website and Social Media Policy

    What's Happening Around the District?
    Have an event, program, student or teacher achievement to spotlight on the district website? Request an article! Email Jenda Nye or fill out the article submission form below.
    Article Submission Form

    Reach the Public
    Inform the community through the district's website banners and the district Facebook page. Contact the PIO for requests.

    District Webmaster
    The PIO staff update, maintain and create the district website content and train and oversee each schools website. If you have any feedback about the district website or would like to request information to be put on the website, contact the PIO.

    District Logo and Brand
    The PIO office helps maintain and establish the district's brand. PIO staff can help you update the new logo and maintain the district's and your schools brand. If you would like access to the logos, contact us.