• Summit Community Council Meeting
    Wednesday April 17th, 2024
    In attendance:
    Stacy Maughan
    Aimee McNeil
    Melissa Shelton
    Beth Jenkins
    Hilary Bair
    Michelle Evans
    Jasmine Wilhelm
    Items discussed:
         -Jasmine reviewed the minutes from our March meeting.  Melissa made a motion to approve minutes and Hilary seconded, all approved.
         -Mrs. McNeil reviewed the budget, explaining how  most of the remaining funds were going to pay for paraprofessionals salaries for the remainder of the school year.
         -Full-Day Kindergarten was starting at Summit next year.  Since there was an open classroom that was when they would need to offer full-day kindergarten.  There will be four full-day kindergarten classes.  Parents can opt out of full-day class, but those kids would need to come in the morning, and have their own transportation home.  Busing will only be in the morning and after school for kindergarten.
        -With kindergarten going to full day the lunch and prep change schedules.  The prep teachers schedules change to having 7 classes a day.  Ideas of scheduling were given and thoughts of talking to other elementary schools on how they have successfully integrated full day kindergarten with their schedules discussed.
         -Faculty Changes: Fourth grade will  be going from 4 classes to 3 classes next year.  Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Brady, and Mrs. Grover will not be at Summit next year.  Mrs. Mayers and Mrs. Roberts will be changing to teaching third grade.  Mrs. Shaw will change back to teaching fifth grade again.  Summit will be hiring a teacher for second and third grade for next year.  Patty and Jan are retiring as our secretaries.  Angela Gibbons will be the new secretary for next year.  The lunch secretary position needs to be filled.  
         -School Safety discussed:  Having the locking front doors has really helped to know who is in the building.   The area from where the kids leave lunch to go to the playground could have more overview, especially with kindergarten coming in next year.  Crosswalk laws are not always being followed by drivers at the back of the school, especially in the afternoon.  
         -New Summit Community Council members for next year.  Michelle will be leaving as a parent member.  Elizabeth Sant is possibly filling that vacancy.
         -TSSA: In the past it has been used to pay for the counselors.  There will be additional days added for both of our counselors at Summit each week for the following school year.  PBIS planning day will be happening in the summer for review.  Funds also go towards Aides time, technology, and TAG (Teacher Assistance and Guidance).  TAG is for behavior and academic questions that teachers have.  Mrs. McNeil would like to add to the TAG team.  There will be a planning day in the summer with resource teachers, counselors, and teachers.  She would also like to add an interventionist position at the school for next year.  
         -Golf Tournament that is held with Health Days.  The proceeds go to the 3 schools in Smithfield and it is always very successful.  Ideas were welcomed for donations for the raffles.  The money Summit receives from this is being set aside for the new playground. 
         -This is the last Community Council meeting for this school year.  Our next meeting will be in September of 2024.  We will need a new chairperson and will pick one in September.
         -All items on the agenda were discussed so Michelle adjourned the meeting.