How to Earn a Good Grade

  • 1. Come to class every day! Come prepared to class every day!


    2. Take neat and careful notes each day. Your notes are your BEST help for completing your homework. USE THEM to do your homework and study for tests.


    3. Do your homework every single night. I accept late work, but you will only receive partial credit.


    4. Ask for help when you have questions. If you need additional help, I am available during RA, and during lunchtime.


    5. Challenge worksheets are due every Friday. Start them early and ask for help. Friday morning is not a good time to ask for help on a challenge sheet. Challenge sheets are a big part of your grade. DO THEM!


    6. Study for the tests. You will be given a practice test or study guide to review before every test. Practice tests will have an answer key so that you can study. If you study your practice test at home and get a parent signature, you can earn a 3% bonus on the test. If you do poorly on the test AND you completed and turned your practice test you can review your work and retake the test. Retakes are offered during RA or lunch-time

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