Homework Expectations

    • Label your assignment in Top Right Corner and fill in the scanning bubbles.
    • Write in Pencil only

    • Show All Work!
    • Keep your homework in your binder until we correct it and turn it in as a class.
    • All corrected and recorded work will be filed in your storage folder in the class crate.

    Remember, I don’t offer any extra credit assignments. The best way to earn a good grade is to do your work!

    • You can earn an extra point on every assignment by having a parent sign your planner or homework each day. They add up and can make a difference!

    What to do if you are ABSENT                                                       

    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and pick up the assignments/notes.

    • Check the weekly schedule on the board to see what assignments you need to catch up on
    • Pick up any assignments or notes you need from the “Extra Copies” box.
    • Copy the notes from a friend or neighbor.
    • When you turn in the missing work, write “ABSENT” at the top so that you can get full credit.

    2nd Chance Homework

    You have the opportunity to earn a passing grade on every assignment!

    • After correcting the assignment in class, turn in a redo slip. Don’t pass the assignment in!
    • Rework only the problems you missed. Use the back or bottom of the paper, or staple the new work to the old assignment.
    • Turn in the original assignment and new work together! Be sure your paper is labeled.
    • You will earn a 1/2 point back for each problem you rework. If you missed 10 points on the assignment, you will earn 5 points back by redoing what you missed.
    • If the assignment is missing, you will earn a 1/2 point for each problem you complete and turn in late.

    If you want to redo an assignment that has already been turned in, pull it out of your homework folder, rework the problems you missed and turn it in again.

    2nd Chance Tests

    • To do a test retake you must: complete all chapter work, complete the practice test, and get your test signed by a parent (as proof that you studied).
    • Test retakes are offered any day during RA or lunch.

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