• Ridgeline High School
      Community Council
      Tuesday 3/19/2024

      In attendance:
      Bardett Bagley, DeAnna Stallings, Ryan Webb, Mandy Donavan, Nicole Perkins, Phil Wade, Tennille Phillips, Jennilyn Little

      Welcome- Mandy Donavan

      Approval of Minutes- Mandy Donavan and Jennilyn Little

      Bardett Bagley went over Trustland proposal

      Bardett Bagley gave ACT update. Millville sewer project took out power. ACT has been very accommodating. Students can start where they left off as long as it’s done by March 19th .

      Riverhawk Academy class will be implemented for all 9th graders next school year.

      Intervention Time presentation (FLEX) given by Bardett Bagley. Went over pros and cons. Looking at doing a Hawk Hour Intervention next school year.

      Counselor Minute- Student Well-Being survey, PCCR meetings, ACT, New student breakfast, SELFIE week