Classroom Expectations

  • All students have a right to learn in a positive and productive classroom.

    Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior in 3 aspects during class time. The following violations interfere with that right and will be recorded on each student’s citizenship citation sheet.


    Be Respectful

    • Disruptive Behavior
    • Speaking out of turn
    • Not keeping hands, feet, objects to self; disrespect of others’ personal bubbles!

     Be Responsible

    • Misuse of items and property in classroom. Writing on your desk, book, calculator, etc.
    • Not following instructions; insubordination.

    Be Ready

    • Homework not in class
    • No pencil
    • No notes/notebook

    Consequences for receiving repeated citations may include parent phone calls, missing class breaks or lunch period, office referral, or parent shadow.

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