Grading & Materials



    Everything we do in class contributes to your class grade.  All of your scores are averaged to give you your final grade. Different types of scores are weighted differently in your final grade.


    40%  Assignments

    40%  Tests and Projects

    10%  Quizzes

    10%  Math Notebook


    A       95-100%

    A-      90-94%

    B+     87-89%

    B       83-86%

    B-      80-82%

    C+     75-79%

    C       70-74%

    C-      65-69%

    D+     60-64%

    D       55-59%

    D-      50-54%



    You will need to bring paper, pencil, and a pen to class EVERYDAY!


    You will receive a Math Notebook which will be used daily in class. The Math Notebook will not only contain the notes and examples presented in class, but it will also contain information about class policies, suggestions for earning a good grade, and other general information. This notebook should be useful for parents as well as students.


    You don’t need to carry your math book to class; I have a set of textbooks which will be used during class. You will take your math book home and keep it at home to use for homework. You are responsible to keep that textbook until the end of the school year. Take care of it and don’t lose it; it will cost you nearly $50 to replace.


    All other materials needed in class will provided. 


    Please be responsible with all materials and manipulatives used in class

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