• November 15th, 2023
    In attendance:
       Stacy Maughan
       Hilary Bair
       Aimee McNeil
       Melissa Shelton
       Beth Jenkins
       Kathy Christiansen
       Michelle Evans
       Jasmine Wilhelm
    - Michelle opened the meeting.  Melissa approved previous minutes and Hilary seconded them, all approved.
    -Mrs. McNeil reviewed the budget as of the end of October, her goal is to order technology equipment this next month.
    -Voted on a new secretary for the Community Council.  Stacy made a motion for Jasmine to be the new secretary, Hilary seconded, and all were in favor.
    -PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) Plan was moved to January's meeting for discussion with Mrs. Streator.
    -Safe Routes in place was discussed for approval, but we were unable to view the routes because the site was not updated for login.  Mrs.McNeil discussed how the routes have changed, and that families walking home have access to updated information.
    -Options of what to do with the field north of school was brought up as an idea to discuss at our next meeting.  Including boundary lines that have been identified and possible expansion of parking lot.
    -Kathy recommended to have an item list of needed improvements for our school.
    -Cache Valley Direct Sales:  Came in at $14,000, school keeps half of the amount.  That is being saved for Summit's new playground.
    -Fundraisers are being clarified from the district for elementary schools. 
    -Fundraising for a new playground will not be an option after this year.  There is a great need at Summit for playground replacement.  Mrs. McNeil asked for input on fundraising ideas this year.  The PTA had mentioned recently of using the February dance as a fundraiser and putting that towards the playground.  She has a concern of asking for more donations from Summit families and communities with recent PTA, Cache Valley Direct fundraiser, and Coin drive.  Money over the years has been set aside and we are currently only halfway to our goal of replacing the equipment.  After speaking with Smithfield City the Mayor said that they will not be contributing.  Kathy mentioned grants for physical fitness, tracking of donations, and people who might sponsor it.  Mrs. McNeil will look into options discussed.
    -School Pictures discussed.  There were negative comments made from the overall experience this year: no attention to details for children getting pictures, the company's employees were not polite to the children, problem of class pictures.  There is no district policy on who school's use for pictures.  Other options were discussed such as Bell Photography.  Mrs. McNeil is meeting with their representative on Friday.
    -Next Meeting is January 17th, 2024.
    -Motion made to approve meeting and to adjourn by Hilary and seconded by Stacy, all in favor.