• Ridgeline High School 

    Community Council Meeting

    November 21, 2023, 7 a.m.


    Members In attendance:

    Jenny Little

    Nicole Perkins

    Jennifer Loscher

    Phil Wade

    Mandy Donovan

    DeAnna Stallings

    Adam Shelton

    Ryan Webb

    Bardett Bagley


    Minutes from previous meeting were approved.


    School Trustland Update:

    Most of the Trustland budget goes to salary

    As of November 30, 30% of the budget will be spent

    By the end of the year 90% of the budget should be spent

    We can carry over 10%


    New Business:

    Ridgeline Riot

    To promote appropriate behavior by student section at sporting events

    Jaicee Roden advises the club

    Student Led


    Riverhawk Academy

    Every freshman will take as a required elective

    Based on Big 5



    Social Awareness

    Taking Perspective

               (One more, I can’t remember)

    Habitudes create a common language across the school


    Counselor Report:

    Presentation by Tia Stokes to all Freshman

    December Focus on Sophomore SEOPs


    Action Items:


    Happy Thanksgiving